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Ten Years Thinner, NetLibrary ebook of the month

Posted on: Jan 7, 2010 @ 8:48:14 am

Ten Years Thinner, by Christine Lydon, DaCapoPress, 2009

What if you could have slimmer hips, firmer thighs, flatter abs, more defined arms, and clearer, younger-looking skin in just six weeks? Based on years of her groundbreaking research and four clinical trials, Dr. Christine Lydon has developed an innovative diet and exercise regimen to burn fat and alter one’s body chemistry, resulting in rapid, dramatic results that you will begin to see and feel within the first week.

Governed by ten simple dietary guidelines and ten easy, at-home exercises, Ten Years Thinner emphasizes healthy eating from protein, carbohydrate, and fat sources and demands only twenty to twenty-five minutes of hand-weight exercises a day. There is no calorie counting, messy measuring, or complicated points to calculate; the program requires very little initial physical fitness and promises no more boring and time-consuming cardio workouts. With more than thirty-five delicious recipes and sixty-five easy-to-follow exercise photos, Ten Years Thinner is a simple, sustainable road map to the physique you’ve always dreamed of having!

The author, Christine Lydon, M.D., is a Yale-educated physician, a freelance health writer, and an internationally recognized fitness model. She lives in British Columbia, Canada.

Although not yet a part of UCF's collection, Ten Years Thinner will be provided with free, unlimited access through NetLibrary January 1-31, 2010 through the generosity of Da Capo Press, at NetLibrary in the Articles and Databases listing on the library home page.

For those of you who eagerly devoured the December 2009 ebook of the month, The Modern Baker: UCF Libraries did not select Ten Years Thinner for this month---NetLibrary made the selection. The sequence of these selections by NetLibrary is simply a coincidence.... ;)

Happy 2010 from your UCF Libraries.



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