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Graphic Universe Beowulf: NetLibrary eBook of the Month

Posted on: Jul 1, 2009 @ 5:37:47 pm

Graphic Universe(TM): Beowulf by Storrie, Paul D.; Randall, Ron
Lerner Publishing Group, 2007

Retold as a graphic novel, this action-packed edition brings to life one of the most enduring legends in the English language.

The hero of Beowulf is a brave and mighty warrior, known to have the strength of thirty men. At home in Geatland, Beowulf hears about the terrible troubles of his father's
friend, Hrothgar, the king of the Danes. Hrothgar's land is plagued by Grendel, a vicious monster who attacks the Danes by night. Beowulf sets sail to aid Hrothgar and the
Danes. But is Beowulf strong enough to slay the monstrous Grendel? And even if he succeeds, what other dangers lie ahead for the warrior-hero?

In this Graphic Universe(TM) edition from Lerner Publishing Group, the author and illustrator of Beowulf: Monster Slayer bring to life one of the most enduring myths in the English language. Action-packed and richly illustrated, this age-old story will engage readers of all ages with supreme artwork and a faithful interpretation of the original epic.

The UCF Libraries do not yet own this edition of Beowolf. The July eBook of the Month is provided through the generous support of Lerner Publishing Group. Graphic Universe(TM): Beowulf will be provided with free, unlimited access July 1-31, 2009. From the list of UCF databases,, click on "N" to find NetLibrary, and click on NetLibrary to access Beowulf.



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