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For Faculty: New Info Lit Modules, and New Instructions

Posted on: Jun 3, 2009 @ 9:42:05 am

The 2009 set of information literacy modules is now available for you to use to enhance students' information literacy knowledge and skills:

1. Focusing an Information Search (teaches advanced database search techniques)
2. Maximizing Google Scholar (demonstrates search techniques that will make searching Google Scholar more effective and efficient)
3. Recognizing a Research Study (identifies characteristics of a research study that distinguish it from other document types)

In addition to the three new modules, the current five modules have all been updated as new versions. (Please make sure to create new instances in order to use the updated modules. Instances created prior to May 11, 2009 will be based on the older module versions.)

1. Avoiding Plagiarism
2. Citing Sources Using MLA Style
3. Citing Sources Using APA Style
4. Creating a Search Strategy
5. Evaluating Web Sites

New, Easier Login Procedure:
You and your students will no longer need to activate an account via email in order to access the modules. The username remains your NID. Your password is your NID password. (Please remember that NID passwords are "scrambled" at the beginning of each semester and must be reset afterward.) If you are unsure of your NID password, you can reset it here:

To assign the modules, begin here:

To facilitate the use of the modules, we've put together instructions you can cut and paste for students:

Below are links to Information Literacy Modules that you will complete. You will login with your NID and your NID password.
[Include link to your module instance here]
If you don't remember your NID, you can look it up on this site:
If you're unsure of your NID password, you can reset the password using this online form:
If you need help or have questions, you can use this FAQ: or contact the Ask a Librarian service:

These instructions, as well as up-to-date news items including tips to manage your instances of modules, are available here:

As always, your input on future module topics, comments, or suggestions are welcomed at



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