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CQ Researcher report: Future of the Book

Posted on: May 20, 2009 @ 11:17:49 am

"The migration of books to electronic screens has been accelerating with the introduction of mobile reading on iPhones and Amazon's Kindle and the growing power of Google's book search engine. Even the form of books is mutating as innovators experiment with adding video, sound and computer graphics to text. Some scholars fear a loss of literary writing and reading, others of our storehouse of knowledge if it all goes digital." ---from CQ Researcher

CQ Researcher has released a report entitled, Future of the Book. CQ Researcher's reports contain several viewpoints and a great deal of information, so it will be up to YOU to make up your mind----what is the future of the book? Recent CQ report topics include High Speed Trains, Hate Groups, Reproductive Ethics (so what about that "Octomom"?) and Future of the GOP. A lot of variety, and a lot of interesting information.

So what will happen to books at UCF? Rest assured that, whatever future awaits the book, the UCF Libraries will be there to provide the UCF community with the information content needed to support study, teaching and learning, research and discovery, and creativity---in whatever format is appropriate. Maybe with over 50,000 ebooks, and access to thousands of journals, databases, and digitized images in the UCF Libraries collection, the future is already here!

To read CQ Researcher, and the new report, Future of the Book, select CQ Researcher from the library list of articles and databases,



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