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EZproxy Tips: Google Scholar and EZproxy Stem

Posted on: Sep 2, 2011 @ 12:24:29 pm

Google Scholar

Did you know that you can set Google Scholar to link to Full Text articles supplied by the UCF Libraries? Here's how:

  1. Go to Google Scholar and click on Scholar Preferences (link in the upper right corner of Google Scholar).
  2. Search for UCF in the the Library Links box.
  3. Select University of Central Florida.

Viola! A “Get Full Text” link will appear in Google Scholar search results next to articles that UCF can access. The Get Full Text link uses EZproxy as needed, so have your Library ID and the last 4 digits of your PID handy.

Pasting the EZproxy Stem

Often, researchers come across links to articles on the web that they would like to read, but the full text is not available for free. The Libraries may have a paid subscription that you can use to get to the articles, especially if it is from a well known publisher or journal (i.e. Elsevier, JSTOR, Nature, Sage, Science, Springer, Taylor and Francis, or Wiley).

You can add the EZproxy stem in front of links as a quick and dirty way to get to the articles via EZproxy without having to start over with your search.

Note, there are no spaces and the http:// appears twice in the conglomerate URL. Also, the EZproxy stem only works for journals and articles that UCF has rights to access.




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