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Consolidate Student Identification Numbers

Posted on: Jun 11, 2010 @ 4:20:50 pm

Comment: Consolidate student identifications into a single system. There is no need for a seperate (sic) PID, NID, student #, and library card#.

Benefits: Using the various systems would certainly be more convient for students and staff.

from the library: Are you having an identity crisis, Bunky?

At this time, (heavy sigh) UCF does have a need to use a separate:

*****PID Personal Identification: used to access the myUCF portal; first letter of your first name followed by seven numbers).

*****NID Network ID: allows access to several UCF central computing systems, e.g.: main public computer labs, eCommunity, eFax, Obojobo, ResNet Wireless, Webcourses@UCF, and some department computers

*****student number appears on UCF card; used by some colleges and departments

*****library card number 14 digit number; appears on UCF card

The Suggestion Box agrees with you: a universal login would be helpful to all. You are a smart cookie to suggest this, so you will understand that this is easier in suggestion than in practice. Many of UCF's systems, which need security and a login, require different formatting for login. For example, the system used by the 11 state university libraries requires a 14 digit number, while PeopleSoft requires fewer letters and numbers.

It will take some time to resolve, but the Library Suggestion Box confidently suggests that logging in will be easier for the student of the future. Meanwhile, memorize what you can. If you have problems with
off campus access to databases and journal articles with EZ Proxy, or have questions about your UCF card, there is information online. Forgot your password, or problems logging in? Contact us at 407) 823-2580, or



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