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Free Ice Cream Day

Posted on: May 27, 2010 @ 8:51:22 am

Comment: Library provides ice cream to entice people to learn about it's (sic) services. More people will come and less people will bother librarians with simple questions, freeing their time for more important things.

From the library: Wow---this may be the **best** suggestion that the library suggestion box will ever receive. You do not mention whether library employees would be able to enjoy ice cream with students.

You also failed to mention the name of the generous donor who will make this all possible.

By the way, please note that questions are a NEVER a bother to anyone at the library's service desks, or at Ask A Librarian by chat, phone, or email, or in research consultations. Bring on the questions, whether ice cream is being served----or not.



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