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2 Acclaimed Directors, Billy Wilder and Woody Allen: more films in the UCF Collection

Updated on: May 28, 2010 @ 10:28:00 am

Comment: Get More Billy Wilder and Woody Allen Films

From the library: Billy Wilder and Woody Allen? The Suggestion Box thinks you have very good taste and a great sense of humor.

Feature films selected for the Media Collection support the research and teaching of the University. Many are suggested by faculty members to directly support instruction.

If there are specific titles that you would like to see added to the collection, your suggestions are welcome: use the recommendation form. They will be reviewed and considered. Primary consideration is given to titles that support UCF's teaching and research mission.

Titles that are part of the collection can be found in the library catalog using the Advanced Search feature: use keyword or title, and add a format search for Video (DVD). Sometimes using the subject heading "Feature Films" can help eliminate some titles from a very long list, if you are trying to narrow the search. If you are looking for a specific film, you can simply do a search by that title. If you are not finding what you want in the catalog, you can always Ask A Librarian by chat, email or phone.

Searching "Billy Wilder" as a keyword and Video (DVD) in the format box results in 18 entries, everything from Some Like It Hot to Double Indemnity......Searching "Woody Allen" and Video (DVD) brings up 13 titles, from Antz to Zelig.

that's a wrap.



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