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Information Fluency Student Award

Posted on: Jan 12, 2010 @ 6:42:55 pm

The Burnett Honors College and the University of Central Florida Libraries are pleased to announce the third annual Information Fluency Student Award.

UCF defines Information Fluency as "the ability to gather, evaluate, and use information in ethical and legal ways." Recognizing the importance of information fluency as an essential skills set that prepares students for high level academic work, the workplace, and everyday life, the Burnett Honors College and UCF Libraries wish to acknowledge and reward excellence for students' abilities to gather, evaluate and use resources through effective, efficient, and thorough search strategies using quality sources. Winners of the IF Award will demonstrate knowledge of academic sources, superior search strategies, and the ability to retrieve scholarly sources appropriate for academic endeavors. This award rewards Honors students who develop exemplary methodical and scholarly approaches to the research needed for their papers and projects.

  • The Burnett Honors College and the UCF Libraries are awarding $1000 to recognize two outstanding library research papers or projects by Honors College students in any discipline:$500 for the best paper/project at the lower division level (courses 1xxx or 2xxx)
  • $500 for the best paper/project at the upper division level (course 3xxx or 4xxx)

Contest deadline: February 22, 2010. More detailed information and application deadline information is available at



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