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Access to the annual reports of the Smithsonian Institution

Posted on: Feb 2, 2009 @ 4:10:25 pm

Fascinating, treasure-filled, wonderful: The Smithsonian Institution is an amazing collection of objects, documents and knowledge..The most recent update to the digitized version of the U.S. Congressional Serial Set includes an author-subject index to the Smithsonian annual reports, 1849-1961.

The full text for each annual report is also available within the database. A brief sampling of articles:

- 1856: Oxygen and its combinations

- 1859: The earthquake of 1811 at New Madrid, Missouri

- 1877: Color blindness in its relation to accidents by rail and sea

- 1882: Gold, silver, and other ornaments found in Florida

- 1901: Okapi: the newly discovered beast living in central Africa

- 1908: Present status of military aeronautics

- 1910: Origin of west African crossbows

- 1911: Chinese architecture and its relation to Chinese culture

- 1916: Great dragon of Quirigua, Guatemala

- 1920: Habitability of Venus, Mars, and other worlds

- 1921: Ancestor worship of the Hopi Indians

- 1934: Commerce, trade, and monetary units of the Maya

- 1937: The healing properties of allantoin and urea discovered through the use of maggots in human wounds

- 1948: Insect control investigations of the Orlando, Florida, Laboratory during World War II

- 1952: Use of music in the treatment of the sick by American Indians



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