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From the Primaries to the Polls: NetLibrary eBook of the Month, March 2008

Updated on: Feb 29, 2008 @ 4:20:00 pm

From the Primaries to the Polls: How to Repair America's Broken Presidential Nomination Process
by Thomas Gangale
Greenwood Publishing Group, 2008
America's presidential nominating process is inherently unfair and exclusive, yielding undue weight and privilege to the states that vote in the earliest rounds. More and more states are beating down the door to vote earlier, trying to redress the inequity on a state-by-state basis. From the Primaries to the Polls describes the problem and proposes the solution. The American Plan is designed to begin with contests in small-population states, where candidates do not need millions of dollars to compete and a wide field of presidential hopefuls can be competitive in the early going. Keeping more candidates in the race longer to challenge the "front-runners" prevents a rush to judgment and permits more voters across the country to select from a diverse field. As the campaign proceeds, the aggregate value of contested states becomes successively larger, requiring the expenditure of larger amounts of money in order to campaign effectively. A more gradual weeding-out process occurs, allowing a clear winner to emerge only after the full spectrum of candidates has been in play nationally.
The March eBook of the Month is provided through the generous support of Greenwood Publishing Group.
Although not yet a part of the UCF NetLibrary eBook collection, UCF Libraries owns a print copy of From Primaries to the Polls, at JK522.G36 2008 in the Main Library General Collection. To read online, click on NetLibrary on the UCF Libraries list of databases at



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