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Bear sighting on campus: One Search will tell you more about bears in Florida

Posted on: Jun 13, 2013 @ 10:28:15 am

The UCF Orlando campus has had a visit from a small bear, just this week. The bear was spotted very early in the morning by a student.

If you did not know about bears in the area, and would like to find out about them, just use One Search to get full-text resources on Florida bears. You don't need to know which database to search and you don't need to know that URSA is the Latin word for bear. Just key in "Florida bears" in the box at the center of the Libraries page and be ready to learn about bears.

By the way, campus police say that if you spot a bear you should back away, and do not look the bear in the eye.

There has been some speculation that this was Boo-Boo, looking for Yogi on campus. If Yogi Bear is enrolled this summer, he must be enrolled in online classes. There are no reports of Yogi Bear on campus.




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