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Blogs by Discover Magazine

Posted on: Feb 12, 2013 @ 12:29:54 pm

Discover magazine offers some of the most scientifically interesting blogs today. The Crux, Gene Expression, Out There, 80beats, and Collide-a-Scape are just a few blogs by Discover Magazine dedicated to the advancement of science. These riviting blogs examine issues ranging from the science behind baby names to genetic variation. For instance, 80beats recently reported on an astrological close encounter, so to speak. As reported by 80beats, this coming February 15th 2013, an 150 foot asteroid will make a close pass by the Earth. This 150 footer was first spotted by astronomers when it zoomed by Earth this time last year. This asteroid’s fly-bys occur about once a year since its orbit around the sun is very similar to our own. Of course there is no chance that the asteroid will collide with Earth, but it will come pretty close measuring 17,200 miles between Earth and the asteroid.



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