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January 9, 1913: Richard Nixon Centennial

Posted on: Jan 7, 2013 @ 5:45:32 pm

If you are of a certain age, it might be hard to believe that former President Richard M. Nixon was born 100 years ago today, January 9.

And if you are of another certain age, you may say, "So what was he all about?"

Just go to One Search, on the library web site, type in your search, and start reading. Hundreds of articles, books, even DVD's can answer that question. The short answer: he was a complicated man. Take a look and you will be able to impress your parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles, with your newfound knowledge on an important figure from an era that was not really so long ago. Watergate, the opening of China, the Vietnam War, the first televised presidential debate, even Spiro T. Agnew---all have an abiding influence on our present.

A helpful database, if you would like a shortcut: Biography in Context. We may not have Richard Nixon to kick around any more, but his legacy lives on in a number of ways.



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