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Project Description

Endnote is citation management software used by researchers, graduate students, and undergraduate students to organize and manage citations, images, and PDF files. With Endnote, users can organize an unlimited number of sources into libraries and add the full text PDF to each record. When researchers or students are ready to create a manuscript, Endnote will format in-text citations and create bibliographies in over 4500 citation styles. Access to this software for all users will provide a dependable platform for both PC and MAC users to keep track of all sources.

To add references into Endnote, users can search hundreds of bibliographic databases through Endnote. Students will be able to create an unlimited number of libraries of any size. The software contains 46 customizable reference types covering a variety of materials from ancient texts to web pages.

Endnote will also locate and download full text. Select one or more references or the entire library and Endnote will scan for full text. When the full text is

found, Endnote downloads and links it to the appropriate reference automatically.

Users can import a file or folder of PDFs directly into Endnote. Basic bibliographic data is extracted by Endnote. Users can store up to 45 files per reference in the “File Attachment” field using a simple drag and drop feature.

Users can use the “Cite While You Write” feature to create instantaneous bibliographies as citations are inserted into a paper. Endnote includes bibliographic features that address a wide range of formatting issues in the humanities, biomedicine, physical, life, and social sciences.

The features and functionality included in Endnote make it a worthwhile investment for all students. The UCF Libraries purchased Endnote in 2003 with a 3-year contract that ended in 2006. Budget cuts left the library unable to continue funding this purchase. The library has not purchased Endnote since 2006.

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Student Access to Project Resources

Total number of students served by the project:

Because UCF will own the software, Endnote will benefit not only the current 53,644 students and 1,700 faculty , but will meet the instructional and research needs of the UCF community into the future.

Percentage of target student population to be served by the project.

One hundred percent of UCF students and faculty will have access to and will be served by the purchase Endnote. The software is beneficial to students in all disciplines in all levels of their academic life.

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Benefit to Student Learning

In an increasingly complex information landscape, students need to have a grasp of information management. The purchase of Endnote will directly support student learning by providing students with a tool with the full range of citation management features needed for 21st century technology skills.

Organizing and managing information is at the heart of student learning and is critical to the successful conclusion of many student projects, including theses and dissertations. Graduate students, honors students, as well as faculty researchers will use Endnote to complete major research projects with more efficiency.

In addition to graduate students, undergraduates will use Endnote to enhance learning. With the implementation of the new Writing and Rhetoric program and the President’s emphasis on “writing across the curriculum”, more assignments will presumably have a writing and research component. Also, UCF has placed a higher emphasis recently on undergraduate research through programs sponsored by the Office of Undergraduate Research. Endnote will be a valuable resource for undergraduate students learning the research process.

Endnote can also serve students as a virtual “portfolio” of sources used in projects throughout their academic careers. Students who use the software for each research project will have a virtual snapshot of their research throughout their academic life at UCF.

While the software is used as an organizational tool, it can also be a used by faculty to teach students how to avoid plagiarism. Endnote promotes academic integrity and combats plagiarism by teaching students a method to more easily organize and manage their sources used in projects and papers. Students will learn to make the connection between managing citations and citing sources using this software.

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Project Success Metrics and Assessment Plan

The Libraries will measure the success of the purchase of Endnote through usage data and link analysis. The number of software downloads will give the Libraries an indication of use by the student and faculty population. Attendance for instructional sessions for Endnote will be measured, as well as hits to an online instructional “research guide” for Endnote.

The use of Endnote will also be promoted through the University Writing Center, the Office of Undergraduate Studies, the College of Graduate Studies, and the Faculty Center for Teaching and Learning. Strong relationships already exist between the UCF Libraries and these colleges and units.

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Project Sustainability

After purchasing EndNote at $30,000 for one year, the Libraries will retain access to the version of EndNote released during the contract year, and will continue to provide access to that release as long as the software has utility for students. After several years, updates to word processing software make it more difficult to efficiently use older releases of EndNote. The Libraries will also continue to provide workshops on the use of EndNote beyond the contract year.

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Space Administration

No space is needed for the project.

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