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Project Description

Springer is a major publisher of academic and professional journals, providing content that supports research and study, and articles suitable for course projects. With the purchase of the Online Archive Collection, UCF would gain perpetual rights to all Springer journals and book series from the first volume to 1996. Many of the included journals were started in the 1800’s, so the 961 titles comprise 34,454 individual volumes. Because the Libraries currently provides online access to all Springer journals from 1997 through to the present, this purchase of would enable UCF to access to all online journal content available from Springer.

The Springer Online Archive Collection is distinct from the Complete Springer eBook Collection 2005-2009 that was funded by the Technology Fee in 2009-2010, and from the Libraries’ current journals subscriptions. UCF users are discovering Archive content when they access the eBooks and current journals on SpringerLink. The Online Archive Collection complements the eBooks and the Libraries’ current subscriptions, and would give UCF access to almost all of Springer’s online English-language content.

Fair use of Springer content is permitted for educational purposes, including embedding links to the articles in Webcourses. Access would be available to all UCF students and employees, with off campus access enabled by EZproxy.

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Student Access to Project Resources

Total number of students served by the project:

Because UCF will own the content, the collection will benefit not only the current 53,537 students and 1,707 faculty members , but will meet the instructional and research needs of the UCF community into the future.

Percentage of target student population to be served by the project.

One hundred percent of UCF students and faculty will have access to and will be served by the purchase of the Springer Online Archive Collection.

The table below shows the subject collections included in the purchase, the number of titles in each collection, and the undergraduate and graduate enrollment in selected UCF programs.

Springer Online Archive Collection (OAC) Subject Libraries Journal Titles Journal Volumes Book Series Titles Book Series Volumes Selected UCF Colleges and Programs Undergrad Students Grad Students
Behavioral Science Library 67 1,244 Exceptional Ed; Psychology 129 3,727 562
Biomedical & Life Science Library 211 10,991 1 Biology; Biomedicine 129 1,308 146
Business & Economics Library 59 1,063 College of Business 129 12,920 1,081
Chemistry & Material Science Library 103 3,951 5 Chemistry, Materials Engineering 129 164 155
Computer Science Library 94 1,431 1 Computer Science; Digital Media 129 1,904 393
Earth & Environmental Science Library 111 4,310 1 Environmental Engineering 129 144 34
Engineering Library 111 3,381 1 Engineering & Computer Science 129 3,052 618
Humanities, Social Science, & Law Library 141 3,001 Arts & Humanities; Public Affairs; Law 129 13,666 3,864
Mathematics Library 121 4,895 1 Mathematics, Statistics 129 184 116
Medicine Library 151 8,093 Medicine, Nursing 129 5,822 834
Physics & Astronomy Library 82 4,889 4 Physics, Optics 129 99 188

The Springer Archive Collection is online and the content will be available to all UCF students, faculty and staff anywhere, anytime. Students will be able to discover Springer titles through the catalog, on the library Web site, and even in Google Scholar. Springer articles can be discovered in several well known indexing sources including Google. Springer articles are in PDF format and students may print, e-mail, and download articles to read off-line on a cell phone, laptop, or any computer.

The Springer Online Archive Collection benefits faculty by providing both literature for faculty research and relevant material for course assignments.

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Benefit to Student Learning

Springer is recognized as a leading academic publisher, producing scholarly journals that are relevant and appropriate to university student course work and faculty research. The content will directly support student learning by providing material for course papers, projects, and study. Sample titles from the Archive hint at the breadth and depth of the content that will become available to UCF.

First Year in OAC Journal Title
1832 Irish Journal of Medical Science
1903 Lung
1924 Cell and Tissue Research
1939 Archives of Virology
1951 Annals of Dyslexia
1952 Population Ecology
1956 Glass and Ceramics
1960 Studies in Philosophy and Education
1961 Biological Cybernetics
1963 Economic Change and Restructuring
1965 Journal of Applied Spectroscopy
1966 Computing
1966 Public Choice
1966 The Urban Review
1967 Solar Physics
1968 Journal of Contemporary Psychotherapy
1969 Neurophysiology
1970 Behavior Genetics
1970 Policy Sciences
1971 Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders
1971 Water, Air, & Soil Pollution
1972 Higher Education
1973 Clinical Social Work Journal
1973 Research in Higher Education
1974 Economic Bulletin
1975 American Journal of Criminal Justice
1975 ournal of Community Health
1976 Journal of Nonverbal Behavior
1977 Journal of Consumer Policy
1977 Law and Human Behavior
1978 Il Nuovo Cimento C
1978 Polymer Bulletin
1979 Contemporary Family Therapy
1979 Political Behavior
1981 Plant Cell Reports
1983 Natural Language & Linguistic Theory
1985 The Visual Computer
1987 Argumentation
1988 Journal of Cryptology
1989 Reading and Writing
1989 Research in Engineering Design
1990 JConstitutional Political Economy

Many of the articles are suitable for course readings. The articles can be embedded in online courses and there is no limit on the number of people who can open Springer articles at once.

The UCF Libraries is committed to work directly with faculty and the Faculty Center for Teaching and Learning to publicize this collection and its potential use to meet the needs of UCF programs and for course readings. The Libraries will offer informational materials to distribute during various events, such as the faculty development conferences, and will feature information about the collection in newsletters and exhibits. And librarians will instruct students about accessing Springer online journals during Information Literacy sessions.

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Project Success Metrics and Assessment Plan

The Libraries will measure the success of the Springer Online Archive Collection through usage data and surveys. Springer will deliver semi-annual usage reports that track which titles were used, and how many times articles were downloaded. In addition, Springer will create charts to reveal trends in usage patterns by discipline.

The popularity of the Springer eBooks Collection and the current Springer Journals indicate that usage of the Archive Collection will be high. During 2009, UCF users attempted to access Archive articles 6500 times, and statistics for the first half of 2010 indicate that the rate of attempted accesses is increasing. Usage will be even higher for this collection once it is purchased and entered into the UCF Libraries’ and Online Journals system. Usage is expected grow yearly for the first three years the Collection is available, with the following success metrics:

Year Target Unique Titles Used Target Article Downloads
1st 50% 10,000
2nd 60% 15,000
3rd 70% 20,000

LibQUAL+® and other surveys will be used to assess student satisfaction. For both faculty and students, satisfaction with the Collection content and interface should start high and remain high, and 70% or more of e-book Collection users should report that they are satisfied or very satisfied with the content and system.

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Project Sustainability

The requested funds will cover the entire cost of the Springer Online Archive Collection. The UCF Libraries will maintain subscriptions to current Springer journals online, paying approximately $176,000 annually. There are no fees for maintaining access to the Archive Collection and UCF will own the content. Once the collection is purchased, UCF Libraries will ensure that access is provided in the catalog and through the online journals system.

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Space Administration

No space is needed for the project. The Springer Archive Collection is online.

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