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Project Description

The UCF Libraries is requesting $124,450 to purchase the 2011 Sage Deep Backfile Collection. Sage Publications, Inc. is a respected academic publisher with strong content in business, humanities, social sciences, science, technology, and medicine. Sage journals, books, and electronic media are used by scholars, practitioners, researchers, and students. The UCF Libraries continues to pursue complete access to content from major academic publishers to meet current needs and to ensure long term access to the content. The Sage Deep Backfile Collection, with its strong humanities content, will complement the Complete Springer Archives, purchased with 2010 Technology Fee funding, which has a science, technology, and medicine focus.

The UCF Libraries subscribes to Sage Premier, which provides access and perpetual rights to all current Sage journals (typically 1999 to present). Sage Premier is well used, with over 57,786 articles accessed by UCF in 2010 . Even though UCF does not yet have access to Sage journals prior to 1999, students and faculty are attempting to access the Backfile content. In a period of just three months, UCF students and faculty attempted to open 1,765 articles from 396 Sage journals that are not part of our Sage Premier access.

With the purchase of the Sage Deep Backfile Collection, UCF would gain complete access and perpetual rights to all the journal content that Sage provides, typically starting with the very first volume of each title and continuing through 2008.

UCF has an opportunity to purchase the Sage Deep Backfile Collection at a deeply reduced cost of $124,450. Purchased individually, the titles in this collection would cost over $322,000 . Because Sage has existing agreements with all the State University Libraries in Florida for Sage Premier journals, and because four of those libraries have also purchased the Backfile, Sage is extending a substantial discount to UCF.

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Student Access to Project Resources

Total number of students served by the project:

The Sage Deep Backfile Collection is delivered online, and it is available 24/7. It would be accessible to all students, whether on campus or gaining access via EZproxy. The journals and articles in the Sage Deep Backfile Collection will be easy to discover through the library catalog or librarian-created LibGuides. Patrons will also discover this content through subject databases, and internet search sites such as Google, Google Scholar and other discoverability tools via EBSCO and ProQuest. The articles are in PDF format and are easily printed, e-mailed, and downloaded to read on a cell phone, laptop, or any computer.

Percentage of target student population to be served by the project.

The collection is of potential benefit to the entire UCF community, including the current 56,235 students and 1,827 teaching faculty . Because UCF will gain perpetual rights to the journals, the backfiles will meet the study, instructional, and research needs of the UCF community into the future. The content aligns with UCF’s course offerings and should be of interest and benefit to programs that reach over 49,000 students with special emphasis in the broad disciplines of Health Professions, Social Sciences, Education, Psychology, and Public Administration. Table 1 below lists UCF’s programs that will most benefit from the Sage Deep Backfile collection, the number of titles that will interest each program, and the list value of the titles.

Program Area Titles/Area Value of Titles All Students
Health Professions 67 $55,410 6,655
Social Sciences 53 $42,638 2,180
Education 51 $22,334 5,739
Psychology 47 $40,709 3,746
Public Administration & Social Service 45 $32,665 1,182
Business, Management, Marketing 30 $20,304 11,547
Engineering 27 $44,931 5,492
Multi, Interdisciplinary Studies 23 $16,862 1,902
Homeland Security, Law Enforcement 16 $10,122 1,758
Philosophy And Religious Studies 14 $7,009 160
Communication, Journalism 13 $10,978 2,006
English Language And Literature 11 $6,294 994
History 7 $ 4,685 553
Biological And Biomedical Sciences 4 $3,598 4,270
Architecture And Related Services 2 $ 1,318 73
Foreign Language, Literature 2 $1,209 158
Computer And Information Sciences 1 $1,122 1,460

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Benefit to Student Learning

Sage is recognized as a leading academic publisher, producing scholarly journals that are relevant and appropriate to university student course work and faculty research. With especially strong holdings in Health, Social Sciences, Education, Public Administration, Psychology, Business, and Engineering, the backfile should be especially useful to UCF’s largest program areas. The content will directly support student learning by providing material for course papers, projects, and study. Table 2 below provides some sample titles from the collection that hint at the breadth and depth of the content. The articles could be used for general study by students, embedded into online courses as assigned readings, or as discovered during literature reviews by both faculty and students.

The UCF Libraries will promote the awareness and use of the Sage Deep Backfile Collection through a variety of channels. The Library will actively collaborate with Dr. Melody Bowden at the Faculty Center for Teaching and Learning to publicize this backfile and promote its use for course readings. The focus will be on educating faculty about the importance of this collection and how it can be used for course assignments. The Libraries will distribute informational brochures during various events, such as the faculty development conferences, and will feature information about the backfile in newsletters, library blogs, exhibits and special events such as Cram for Exam. Librarians will teach students about Sage online journals during Information Literacy sessions.

Journal Title Years in Backlife Value of Title Detailed Subject
Perspectives in Public Health 1879 to 1998 $467 Community Med/Public Health
Music Educators Journal 1914 to 1998 $149 Education
Probation Journal 1929 to 1998 $531 Probation
Theology Today 1944 to 1998 $275 Theology
Social Compass 1953 to 1998 $553 Sociology of Religion
Crime & Delinquency 1955 to 1998 $1,109 Criminology & Criminal Justice
Gifted Child Quarterly 1957 to 1998 $202 Education
Cornell Hospitality Quarterly 1960 to 1998 $452 Hospitality, Travel & Tourism
SIMULATION 1963 to 1998 $949 Engineering
Journal of Peace Research 1964 to 1998 $1,271 Peace Studies/Conflict Resolution
Journal of Cellular Plastics 1965 to 1998 $1,183 Materials Science
Journal of Sociology 1965 to 1998 $523 Sociology
Journal of Hand Surgery 1969 to 1998 $1,003 Health Sciences
Simulation & Gaming 1970 to 1998 $997 Business & Management
Security Dialogue 1970 to 1998 $1,004 Peace Studies/Conflict Resolution
Communication Research 1974 to 1998 $906 Communication & Media Studies
Latin American Perspectives 1974 to 1998 $583 Politics & International Relations
Media, Culture & Society 1979 to 1998 $1,532 Communication & Media Studies
Diabetes Educator 1980 to 1998 $184 Health Sciences
Cultural Dynamics 1988 to 1998 $950 Social & Cultural Anthropology
Concurrent Engineering 1993 to 1998 $1,080 Engineering
Neuroscientist 1995 to 1998 $1,101 Neuroscience

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Project Success Metrics and Assessment Plan

The Libraries will measure the success of the Sage Deep Backfile Collection through usage data and surveys. The Libraries will monitor usage through COUNTER standard reports that track which titles are used, and the number of articles downloaded.

There is strong evidence that the backfile will be used heavily. The previously mentioned attempts by UCF users to access articles from older Sage content and extraordinary use of Sage Premier current journals demonstrate a high demand for Sage content. In addition, the newly acquired Springer Online Archive Collection (purchased with 2010 technology fee funds) has been very successful. During 2010, UCF users viewed 9,887 articles in Springer journals published 2001 and earlier.

Awareness of the backfile will increase once promotion efforts are underway and all the journals are entered into the Libraries’ catalog and online journals system. Usage is expected to grow yearly for the first three years the collection is available, with the following success metrics:

Year Unique Journals Access Article Downloads
2012 30% 10,000
2013 45% 15,000
2014 60% 20,000

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Project Sustainability

The requested funds will cover the entire cost of the Sage Deep Backfile Collection. While the collection is comprehensive for the current title offerings by Sage, it does have potential for growth. The UCF Libraries will negotiate with Sage as needed to keep the collection updated and to provide archival access to any acquired journals. While the price for any future journals is not known, the anticipated overall cost of added journals will be minimal compared to the current collection.

There is an annual access fee of $700 which will be covered from the existing library materials budget. The access fee is necessary each year to maintain access to the collection.

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Space Administration

No space is needed for the project. The Sage Deep Backfile Collection is online and is directly available via SAGE Journals Online.

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