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Sage Knowledge

Project Description


The UCF Libraries is requesting $203,185 ($208,185 less a $5,000 cost share from UCF Libraries) for the one-time combined purchase of SAGE Research Methods and SAGE Knowledge. The combined collections will provide UCF students and faculty with all the features of the research methods collection and over 2,500 ebook titles including scholarly monographs, reference works, handbooks, series, professional development titles, dictionaries, encyclopedias, the entire Little Green Book (quantitative research) and Little Blue Book (qualitative research) series, newly commissioned videos, and other major works.

The initial quoted price for UCF based on FTE and other factors was $232,805 for both collections, but after careful negotiations and the opportunity to compete in the Technology Fee process, SAGE has agreed to a 10% discount. The savings of $24,620 make this an exceptional offer.

With SAGE Research Methods, faculty and students can explore methods and concepts to help them design research projects, understand particular methods, identify a new method, conduct research, and report their findings. Since SAGE Research Methods focuses on methodology rather than disciplines, it can be used across various subject areas in the social sciences, health sciences, and more.

With SAGE Knowledge, UCF Libraries will gain perpetual rights 2,500 scholarly monographs in the social sciences in the following subject areas.

  • Business and Management
  • Counseling
  • Criminology
  • Education
  • Geography
  • Health and Social Care
  • Media and Communication
  • Politics and International Relations
  • Psychology
  • Sociology

SAGE Publications, Inc. is a respected academic publisher known for their commitment to quality. They provide strong content in business, humanities, social sciences, science, technology, and medicine.

SAGE journals, books, and electronic media are used by scholars, practitioners, researchers, and students internationally.

The UCF Libraries currently subscribes to the SAGE Premier journal package and a previous Technology Fee award allowed the library to purchase perpetual rights to the full journal archive. Having access to all three products – SAGE Premier (journals), SAGE Knowledge (online monographs), and SAGE Research Methods -- will enable UCF students and faculty to easily find relevant materials on all three platforms.

Once a UCF affiliated user has selected a research question, they can find the latest research on the SAGE platform. SAGE Knowledge includes an expansive range of SAGE eBook and eReference content, including scholarly monographs, reference works, handbooks, series, and more. Individual book pages in SAGE Knowledge list related journal content on the SAGE Premier platform as well links back to SAGE Research Methods. SAGE Research Methods features a SAGE Premier search widget, so students can find journal articles that describe how the chosen research method was employed on a similar topic. When used together, these three platforms will give students a vast array of content to support their own research projects.

SAGE will allow fair use of the content for educational purposes, including embedding links into WebCourses and Canvas. Access would be available to all UCF students and employees, with off campus access enabled by Shibboleth authentication.

Maintenance of this collection requires a small annual platform fee that is typical for digital collections of this quality. UCF Libraries will fund this annual fee from existing funds. All content and functionality associated with SAGE Research Methods and SAGE Knowledge will be hosted by SAGE, so there will be no new demands on UCF staff or infrastructure.

Student Access to Project Resources

SAGE Research Methods with SAGE Knowledge has the potential to benefit the entire UCF community, including the current 59,785 students and 1,959 faculty. Content can be accessed by an unlimited number of simultaneous users (24x7), and there is no limit to number of downloads. UCF will own the collections and therefore meet the instructional and research needs of the UCF community well into the future.

The collections selected for purchase closely align with UCF courses in business, humanities, social sciences, science, technology, and medicine. However, it is likely that students in other areas of study will find relevant information in this large collection. Based upon the major areas of SAGE publications, we have identified the programs and colleges that are likely to benefit the most from the purchase of these collections; these programs have combined enrollment of 29,628.

The table below shows the major areas of study that will directly benefit by the purchase of SAGE Research Methods with SAGE Knowledge.

College or Program FTE

SAGE Knowledge and SAGE Research Methods are all online and the content will be available to all UCF students, faculty and staff anywhere, aNytime, 24x7. The online materials will also benefit UCF Regional Campuses, online courses, and distance education programs.

Students and faculty will be able to discover SAGE Knowledge and SAGE Research Methods content by searching the UCF Libraries catalog, OneSearch, subject databases, Library Research Guides, and internet search sites linked to our catalog such as Google Scholar. All content and features will be accessible through SAGE Knowledge and SAGE Research Methods user-friendly interface that provides options to browse by subject, author, or title. All materials are offered in full text HTML and PDF format, and are easily printed, emailed or downloaded to read on a mobile device, laptop or computer.

Benefit to Student Learning

SAGE Publications, Inc. is a respected academic publisher with strong content in business, humanities, social sciences, science, technology, and medicine. SAGE journals, books, and electronic media are used by scholars, practitioners, researchers, and students. The content directly supports student learning by providing content for course papers, projects, and study.

Representative titles hint at the breadth and depth of the content that will be available to the UCF community:

  • A Short Introduction to Clinical Psychology
  • Acute Mental Health Nursing: From Acute Concerns to the Capable Practitioner
  • Advertising Cultures: Gender, Commerce, Creativity
  • American Political Leaders 1789-2009
  • Analyzing Everyday Texts: Discourse, Rhetoric, and Social Perspectives
  • Beyond Sex and Gender
  • Challenge and Strategy: Rethinking India's Foreign Policy
  • Communicating in Global Business Negotiations: A Geocentric Approach
  • Counselling for Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (Third Edition)
  • Cultural Issues in End-of-Life Decision Making
  • Culture, Society, Economy: Globalization and its Alternatives
  • Cybercrime and Society
  • Developing Effective Teacher Performance
  • Doing Discourse Analysis: Methods for Studying Action in Talk and Text
  • Early Literacy Work with Families: Policy, Practice and Research
  • Effective Advertising: Understanding When, How, and Why Advertising Works
  • Encyclopedia of Sexual Behavior and the Law
  • Energy Efficiency and Climate Change: Conserving Power for a Sustainable Future
  • Evidence-Based Practice With Women: Toward Effective Social Work Practice With Low-Income Women
  • Film Cultures
  • Food, the Body and the Self
  • French Post-War Social Theory: International Knowledge Transfer
  • Gender in the Workplace: A Case Study Approach (Second Edition)
  • Globalization and Football
  • Handbook of Group Counseling and Psychotherapy
  • Handwriting Problems in the Secondary School
  • Health Care Policy and Politics A to Z (3rd Edition)
  • How To Conduct Organizational Surveys: A Step-by-Step Guide
  • Key Concepts in Sport and Exercise Sciences
  • Management Accounting: Principles and Applications

SAGE Research Methods with SAGE Knowledge will greatly benefit UCF students and faculty, and each collection is designed to support teaching and research. The following comments were provided by UCF faculty. These comments speak to how these two products will benefit student learning and research.

I am enthusiastic in support of the UCF Libraries’ proposal to purchase both the SAGE Knowledge and the SAGE Research Methods online collections through a Technology Fee grant. Both collections are particularly rich in titles pertaining to my discipline, Communication. For instance, these collections contain such titles as the SAGE Handbook of Organizational Communication, the SAGE Handbook of Conflict Communication, Family Communication Sourcebook, Ongoing Crisis Communication, Gender in Communication, and Controversies in Contemporary Advertising, which map onto our current courses and programs at both the undergraduate and graduate level extremely well. These can be integrated into the campus course management software, thereby making it easier and more efficient to access library resources while logged into online courses. Communication is a rich and diverse field and its cross-disciplinary nature means that a collection as inclusive as SAGE's will greatly benefit our students' wide range of interests and applications, and our goals as a School to offer a variety of specialty areas within the field.

Of particular benefit for our graduate students in the Nicholson School of Communication are the tools and resources available through the SAGE Research Methods package, with its handbooks, sourcebooks, and videos on quantitative and qualitative analysis, visual methods, online interviewing, ethnography, marketing and advertising research, and media analysis techniques. Research is a core component of our graduate program and is a topic our students often seek additional resources in. A collection that includes comprehensive basics such as the SAGE Handbooks on Quantitative Methods and Qualitative Methods is extremely valuable to our graduate coursework and student research, and so too are more nuanced titles such as Statistics for Marketing and Consumer Research, Virtual Ethnography, and Designing Surveys that allow for more in-depth methodological and analysis application. (Bridget Rubenking, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Nicholson School of Communication)

I believe that SAGE Research Methods with SAGE Knowledge would be a very useful addition to library resources as part of the tech fee proposal that is being considered. They would benefit Political Science undergraduates as well as graduates who are taking a number of methods classes, or working to increase their methods competency, especially in relation to the recently begun Ph.D. program. (Waltraud Q. Morales, Professor, Political Science)

This collection of materials would be especially useful for our undergraduate International and Global Studies major plus would support the work being done in the MA program and the Ph.D in Security Studies. Any support that you need I assume the department would provide but that is the chair’s call, I am copying her on this email. The COS has put money into upgrading the data bases available for advanced work, this collection would further enhance that capability but also have ancillary benefit in also supporting the undergraduate curriculum in IGS which is a core part of the University’s mission statement regarding Internationalization of the curriculum if our graduates at all levels are to be competitive in the global economy and world generally as we see in the current crises impacting the US across the globe. (Roger Handberg, Professor, Political Science, Graduate Program Director, College of Sciences Prelaw Advisor)

I write in strong support of the purchase of SAGE Research Methods with SAGE Knowledge. The Political Science Department has approximately 1,200 majors in Political Science and in International & Global Studies, all of whom are required to take a research methods course. In addition, we have appr. 60-70 Master’s students, who also have to take research methods courses at the graduate level, and a new Ph.D. program in Security Studies, which requires 2 advanced research methods courses. The resources offered in SAGE Research Methods are invaluable to our undergraduates, graduate students, and faculty. Nothing of the sort offered in this package is available for students, instructors, and researchers, and this is a crucial addition to the resources provided by UCF to the students. SAGE Knowledge similarly offers a large amount of resources to our undergraduate students in political science and in international and global studies that will be tremendously beneficial to their education. I strongly recommend that UCF buy these two resources, and I fully support the proposal to acquire them. (Kerstin Hamann, Professor & Chair, Political Science and Editor-in-Chief, Journal of Political Science Education)

I am writing this email in support of tech fee proposal to purchase SAGE Knowledge and SAGE Research Methods. I am the Program Coordinator of a fully online Master of Research Administration in the School of Public Administration. As you know, the use of internet-based library resources makes information my students need very accessible, especially those located at a distance. Most of my graduate students are located outside of the state. Therefore, I know that my students benefit when resources are made available electronically. I believe the UCF Library has been making great efforts to provide these electronic resources to students and to faculty over the last several years. SAGE has also provided very good research resources and materials that many students use when conducting their own research. I appreciate the efforts of our librarians in promoting the expansion of electronic-based resources as a great benefit to students and faculty alike. (Jo Ann Smith, Assistant Professor, Program Coordinator – Master of Research Administration, School of Public Administration)

I’m writing today in support of the proposal to purchase SAGE Research Methods with SAGE Knowledge. I am more familiar with the Research Methods collection, and can tell you that the SAGE guides are really excellent, practical guides for doing all sorts of statistical and other kinds of research. They will be useful for students—particularly grad students but also undergrads—and even faculty trying new research methods. I believe this would be very valuable. (Tom Dolan, Assistant Professor, Political Science)

I just got a note about the library’s proposed purchase of SAGE Knowledge and SAGE Research Methods. I am not sure how many of these volumes are currently in the library’s holdings, but if the vast majority of them are not, they really probably should be. I can remember using SAGE books and methods monographs throughout my time doing graduate work at Ohio State and Notre Dame, and their value would cross disciplinary boundaries throughout the social sciences. (Paul Vasquez, Lecturer, Political Science)

This note is to enthusiastically support the tech fee project to obtain SAGE Research Methods with SAGE Knowledge, these are very important resources for anyone looking into specific methodological techniques. (Peter J. Jacques, Political Science and Managing Executive Editor, Journal of Environmental Studies and Science)

I am writing to support enthusiastically the purchase of SAGE Knowledge and SAGE Research Methods. This would be a great acquisition for the university that would serve well faculty and students. As an instructor of methods at the undergraduate and graduate levels I find this resource to be an invaluable learning tool for our students. Also, as a researcher I would be very fortunate indeed to have access to it. (Barbara Kinsey, Associate Professor & Assistant Chair, Political Science)

The UCF Libraries is committed to work directly with faculty and the Faculty Center for Teaching and Learning to publicize these materials. The Libraries will offer informational materials to distribute during various events, such as the Faculty Development Conferences. In addition, librarians will instruct students about SAGE Research Methods with SAGE Knowledge during Information Literacy sessions. SAGE Research Methods with SAGE Knowledge will benefit faculty by providing content for faculty research and content for course assignments.

Project Success Metrics and Assessment Plan

The UCF Libraries will measure the success of SAGE Knowledge and SAGE Research Methods through usage reports and satisfaction surveys. COUNTER reports (an industry standard format for online usage statistics) will track which titles are used and the number downloaded.

Selected faculty and students will be asked for comments these products. It is expected that usage will increase by 10% to 20% per year in the first three years. The UCF Libraries does not have a product similar to SAGE Research Methods. It is expected that students and faculty will find the content highly useful.

The UCF Libraries will provide training on the use of the content through a host of outreach opportunities to both students and faculty. Bibliographic instruction sessions, face-to-face reference sessions, and LibGuides will all be used to promote the collection and provide needed instruction.

Project Sustainability

The requested funds will cover the entire cost to purchase perpetual access to SAGE Research Methods with SAGE Knowledge. The Libraries will catalog the content, maintain links, and support access. Any recurring costs for maintenance of the collection will be paid for using library funds. Content is hosted by SAGE Publication, Inc., and there is no impact on staff resources.

Technology Fee Proposal Budget Narrative

The requested $203,185 in technology fee funding combined with the $5,000 UCF Libraries cost share will cover the entire purchase of SAGE Research Methods and SAGE Knowledge. There are no additional charges for the initial purchase. The UCF Libraries will cover the annual platform fee that is common for large digital collections of this quality. All content and functionality associated with SAGE Research Methods and SAGE Knowledge will be hosted by SAGE, so there will be no new demands on UCF staff or infrastructure.

The initial cost per student simultaneously served is $6.86 ($203,285 / $29,628 = $6.86). However, this price per student is misleading because there is no limit to the number of times students and faculty will access the products over time and UCF will have perpetual rights to the content. The cost per use could be much lower.

The initial quoted price for UCF based on FTE and other factors was $232,805 for both collections, but after careful negotiations and the opportunity to compete in the Technology Fee process, SAGE has agreed to a 10% discount. The savings of $24,620 make this an exceptional offer.

Space Administration

No space is needed for the project.

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