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Scholarly Communication
21st Century Digital Scholarship at UCF

The Office of Scholarly Communication provides information and assistance on all aspects of scholarly publishing. The three major goals of the Office are to:

  • Collaborate with other campus units to provide a suite of campus-wide services that supports all aspects of research and scholarly publishing at the University.
  • Advocate for the infrastructure, staffing, publishing funds and services that further support research and scholarly publishing at the University.
  • Educate and facilitate discussions about the changing scholarly communication environment, including the move to open access and sustainable publishing and exploring new ways to create, disseminate, evaluate, and preserve research and scholarly outputs at the University.


Library-supported services, located on the left menu, support various steps in the research process.  Services are aligned with the Research Lifecycle, which illustrates both the research process and campus-wide support available to researchers at the University.

At the research Planning and Project cycles researchers can get assistance with conducting a thorough literature review, organizing citations and resources, planning on how to manage data that may be produced during the research process, and assigning metadata descriptors to data sets.

When Publishing the outputs of a scholarly project authors can find criteria to consider when deciding where to publish and information on negotiating author rights on the Office’s web site.

Finally, researchers can get assistance with using 21st Century Digital tools and practices to help their work be more easily discovered and used.  These services include applying metadata descriptors to their work, using sites and services to promote their work, and exploring a variety of metrics to determine the impact of their work on the scholarly and public community.

Consultations are also available for faculty who are interested in creating or hosting an open access journal.

Dr. Penny Beile, Associate Director
Information Services and Scholarly Communication


Last updated April 17, 2014 8:11:39 AM

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