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Scholarly Communication
21st Century Digital Scholarship at UCF

Project Cycle

Library Supported

Data Set Metadata involves:

  • selecting a metadata standard, often adhering to funding agency requirements or discipline standards
  • describing basic properties of your data and enriching metadata for your datasets
  • assigning keywords, tags, & terms to provide access points and prepare for long-term preservation

For more information, contact Sai Deng or visit Data Set Metadata under Funding Policy Requirements.

Not Supported

Analysis Support (currently unsupported) involves:

  • A server with appropriate computing power and storage capacity
  • A workspace for processing data (large data sets and other data in a variety of formats)
  • a variety of permissions for access (UCF, non-UCF collaborators, colleagues at other universities)
  • backup and data security

See also Long-Term Data Hosting

ORC Supported

Ethics & Compliance involves:

  • Adhering to regulatory guidelines
  • Meeting the highest standards of responsible conduct

For more information, visit the Office of Research & Commercialization's Ethics & Compliance page.


Funded Research Cycle: Grant Management

ORC Supported

All listed aspects of Grant Planning are currently supported by the Office of Research & Commercialization

  • Award Manager
  • Internal Reports
  • Project Accounts
  • External Reports

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