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Scholarly Communication
21st Century Digital Scholarship at UCF

Planning Cycle

Library Supported

Literature Review assistance involves:

  • meeting one-on-one with a librarian for in-depth research assistance
  • locating materials relevant to your topic
  • other services, including desktop delivery, citation management tools, etc

For more information or to set up an appointment, visit the Literature Reviewing page.

ORC Supported

Collaboration Tools includes:

  • Pivot: A database that allows users to search for a funding opportunity and instantly view matching faculty from inside or outside of UCF.

For more information, visit the Office of Research & Commercialization's Funding Opportunities page.

Library Supported

Using Citation Management Tools involves:

  • organizing and managing bibliographic citations
  • exporting citations from databases or other resources during the literature search
  • options to format and create a bibliography

For more information, visit the Citation Management Tools page.

ORC Supported

Ethics & Compliance involves:

  • Adhering to regulatory guidelines
  • Meeting the highest standards of responsible conduct

For more information, visit the Office of Research & Commercialization's Ethics & Compliance page.

Library Supported

Data Management Plans involve preparing to:

  • manage and organize data with an emphasis on storage, security, file formats, identifiers and naming conventions
  • provide detailed data documentation
  • consider metadata standards to apply
  • share your data by depositing it in a repository
  • archive your data with backups and preservation strategies

For more information, visit the Data Management guide or Data Management Plans page.


Funded Research Cycle: Grant Planning

ORC Supported

All listed aspects of Grant Planning are currently supported by the Office of Research & Commercialization

  • Funding Options
  • Identify Collaborators
  • Proposal Manager Guidance
  • Proposal Development Writing

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