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The University Archives holds publications, records, photographs and other materials on the University of Central Florida, formerly Florida Technological University from its beginnings in 1963 to the current day. Materials are selected, preserved, and made accessible for their enduring historical and administrative value to the University. These records may be paper-based, or in other formats such as photographs, audio, or film; they are appraised for their content.

Unprocessed Collections are also available for research but may not be available for immediate access. Reviewing the collections requires prior consultation with the Archivist of University Archives. To inquire about the contents of a collection or make an appointment to view the records, please contact the department.

It is the policy of the University of Central Florida to preserve the institutional memory of the university by transferring historical documents to the Archives. It is the responsibility of the office of creation, working with the Archivist for University Archives, to transfer records to the University Archives. For more information, please see the University Archives Policy and the Records Transfer page.

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University History

25th Anniversary Records, 1967-1989   2 boxes, 1.6 linear feet

In 1988 the University of Central Florida celebrated the 25th anniversary of its founding in 1963. This collection contains documents, correspondence, invitations, and programs from the events held to celebrate the university’s anniversary.

Biotic Communities on the FTU Campus, 1971   1 box, 0.25 linear feet

This document explains the types of biotic communities found on the Florida Technological University Campus in 1971 and makes recommendations for actions to preserve those communities as the campus develops. The university was renamed in 1979 to the University of Central Florida.

H. Trevor Colbourn Oral History Collection, 1987-2006   11 boxes, 8 linear feet

H. Trevor Colbourn was the second president of UCF. After retirement from the presidency in 1989 he became the University Historian. As University Historian, Colbourn constructed many oral histories with alumni, founders, faculty, staff, and others that contributed to the University. The collection consists of final transcripts of the interviews.

Memorabilia Collection, 1965-2012   438 items, 30 linear feet

This collection holds mainly objects but also some paper-based materials suitable for exhibiting. T-shirts, key fobs, mugs, plaques, framed items, shovels, and similar materials provide a visual history of the University of Central Florida. The Pegasus Seal, which is the university’s emblem, is featured on many objects including those created when the university was named Florida technological University.

News and Information Collection, 1968-2003   6 boxes, 6 linear feet

The News and Information Collection, 1968-2003, contains materials regarding the University of Central Florida press releases and other University news related information. The collection is an alphabetical subject file containing the collected materials of the News and Information Office. Topics include information on UCF departments, organizations, events and building projects. Folders primarily contain information used for research to develop press releases and contacts with the media.

James “Jim” Robinson Collection, c. 1930-2016   3 boxes, 2.33 linear feet

James “Jim” Robinson was the County Attorney in Orange County during the initial construction and early foundations of Florida Technological University, now known as the University of Central Florida. This collection serves to preserve documents concerning his early life, career, and influence on the Orlando area.

Scrapbook Collection, 1960-2009   29 boxes, 18 linear feet and 23 books

These materials were collected by various individuals as a way to chronicle the history of the University of Central Florida since its creation as Florida Technological University. The collection is divided into four series to delineate between general University history and organizational history. The vast majority of this collection is made up of news articles cut from local newspapers, however there are other materials such as office notes, pictures, brochures, and pamphlets. A microfilm copy of Scrapbooks, v.1-12 in Series I containing news clippings about the University from 1968-1985 is located in Media Services under call number LD1772.F9 A6829.

History of the University Seal Collection, 1966-1968   2 boxes, 2 linear feet

The collection contains documents, designs and examples relating to the history and development of the official seal of the University of Central Florida, formerly known as Florida Technological University. The materials discuss the design and emblems of other colleges and universities, as well as suggestions for school colors. Other items include numerous designs and layouts, staff opinion poll results, and examples of various seals used in state and local governments and business.

Self Study Collection, 1966-1973   1 box, 1 linear foot

The documents in this collection contain statements relative to questions concerning the structures and developments of departments and colleges within Florida Technological University, now the University of Central Florida, within a five year timespan between the years of 1966 through 1973.

Vertical File, 1970-2012   20 linear feet

An alphabetical subject file of collected materials. Topics include UCF departments, organizations, events, teams, and individuals as well as information on Orlando, local history, book arts, printing and typography, and artists in the Bryant collection. Files generally contain materials such as pamphlets, brochures, memos, publications, newsletters, clippings, photographs, and many other document types.

Photographs, Audio and Visual Materials

Audio, Visual, and Multi-Media Collection, 1967-2007   20 boxes, 23.3 linear feet

This collection contains a wide variety of media used to document, promote, or analyze the University of Central Florida. While the bulk of the collection is video, the collection also contains audio and multi-media. News footage from around Central Florida pertaining to the University can be found here as well as historic media that chronicles the growth of both FTU and UCF. University advertising campaigns as well as University produced media highlight the many academic and athletic organizations that can be found on campus.

Michael Berman Negatives and Contact Sheets, circa 1970s   8 boxes, 3.75 linear feet

In the 1970s, Michael Berman was taking photographs for the Theatre Department of the Florida Technological University (now, University of Central Florida) and the campus newspaper, the Central Florida Future. Taken while attending and then working at the university, the collection contains black and white and color negatives that depict moments of the everyday life at the university, theatrical acts, various events both on and outside of campus, portraits, as well as nature scenes.

Building Renderings Collection, 1966-1968   1 flat file, 3 linear feet

The University Building Renderings Collection is comprised of both original and printed artwork that was created to give its audience a glimpse of what a potential building on the campus of Florida Technological University would look like before it was constructed. While all of the buildings featured in this collection were eventually constructed, some features of the buildings are different than what the renderings depict. The majority of the artwork was created in 1966, before major construction on the campus was started; however, there are a few pieces that date through to 1968.

Commencement Video Collection, 1998-2005   3 boxes, 3 linear feet

The collection contains video cassettes and DVD copies of graduation ceremonies for UCF undergraduate, graduate, and PhD students.

John Marini Memorabilia Collection, 1994-2005   1 boxes, 1 flat file, 1.1 linear feet

John Marini was a former UCF basketball player and later a director responsible for information and generating excitement regarding UCF’s athletic teams. This collection of records contains memorabilia relating to John Marini’s career at UCF.

Medicine and Morality Audio-Visual Collection, 1974-1975   2 boxes, 2.5 linear feet

In 1974 and 1975 the FTU College of Arts and Humanities, in cooperation with the Florida Endowment for the Humanities, sponsored two series of lectures targeting moral issues resulting from medical advancement. This collection comprises the audio and video records of those lectures.

“UCF Metro with Linda Chapin” Television Series Collection, 2001-2006   2 boxes, 2 linear feet

The collection consists of episodes of the UCF Metro with Linda Chapin television series that looks at UCF’s efforts to take a leadership role in regional and state issues in the economy, workforce and education. The series was created in partnership with the University of Central Florida Metropolitan Center, WMFE Channel 24 and the Nicholson School of Communications and hosted by former Orange County Chairman Linda Chapin, director of The Metropolitan Center for Regional Studies at the University. The series began airing on WMFE Channel 24 in November 2001.

Mary Monroe Theatre Collection, 1973-2016 1 box, 1 flat file, 0.6 linear feet

Mary Monroe was a theatre student at FTU in the 1970s. Her collection of photographs, news clippings, and programs document the theatre performances during that time.

Music Department Graduate Student Recital Collection, 2008-2014   2 boxes, 1 linear foot

This collection consists of the recorded performances of graduate students and in the Master of Arts in Music program offered by the University of Central Florida Music Department.

Photograph Collection, 1963-2012   71 boxes, 31.25 linear feet

The basis for this record group is photographs that were taken for use as publicity material for the University of Central Florida. The images document all aspects of university life including annual events such as commencement and homecoming, special events, portraits of faculty, students, alumni, and visitors to the university including speakers, performers and government officials. Buildings on both the main campus and regional campuses are shown during construction and after completion. Instructors are shown teaching and researching and students are shown studying in laboratories and classrooms.

Poster Collection, 1970-2008   4 oversized folders, 0.25 linear feet

This collection of posters illustrates events at the University of Central Florida since its inception as Florida Technological University to the present. It holds materials published by both student and university organizations pertaining to university events, schedules, calendars, and promotions.

WUCF Jewish Radio Hour Records, 1992-1997   3 boxes, 2.25 linear feet

Audio cassettes and scripts of the WUCF Jewish Radio Hour program, which aired from 1992-1997.

University Presidents’ Records

Office of the President Records, 1968-2008   85 boxes, 81.75 linear feet

The University of Central Florida is a public multi-campus, metropolitan research university that not only educates the local community but also partners with technological companies and with educational facilities abroad. As Chief Executive Officer of the University, the president has support from a large team; therefore, the Records of the Office of the President document the University’s major interests. Nevertheless, correspondence, reports, minutes, leaflets and news clippings also show the breadth and depth of the president’s work and his personal interests.

Office of the President: Steven Altman Records, 1984-1991   5 boxes, 4.25 linear feet

The papers of the third president of the University of Central Florida, Steven Altman, include the files of memorandums, inauguration correspondence, inaugural address, certificates of greetings and congratulations, documents of academic audits, administrative audits, program reviews and university strategic planning documents.

Office of the President: Robert A. Bryan Collected Materials, 1991-1997   1 box, 0.25 linear feet

These materials were collected to briefly document the appointment and retirement of Robert A. Bryan who served as Interim President of the University of Central Florida from 1991-1992. The papers include news clippings, photographs, certificates, programs and invitations.

Office of the President: H. Trevor Colbourn Presidential Papers, 1948-2006   36 boxes, 34.75 linear feet

H. Trevor Colbourn was the second president of Florida Technological University and the first president of the University of Central Florida because he was responsible for the name change. Dr. Colbourn served from 1978 to 1989, and during that time, he established the football program, honors program, Institute of Simulation and Training, and Central Florida Research Park. The collection of correspondence, reports, memoranda, photographs and pamphlets not only covers the period of his presidency but also his earlier research interests and subsequent service to the university as Professor of History and University Historian. Included in these materials are earlier documents created by Dr. Colbourn’s predecessor, Dr. Charles N. Millican.

Office of the President: John C. Hitt Presidential Inauguration Collection, 1992-1993   2 boxes, 2 linear feet

The collection contains materials created and used by the UCF Presidential Inauguration Committee for the inauguration celebration of UCF’s fourth president, John C. Hitt. Event maps, brochures, correspondence, budgets, inauguration day materials, President Hitt’s inauguration speech, and letters of congratulation from academic institutions world wide are found here.

Office of the President: Charles Norman Millican Presidential Papers, 1963-2008   10 boxes, 8.8 linear feet

The papers of the first president of Florida Technological University, Charles Millican include his correspondence, speeches and reports, as well as minutes of the Board of Regents and the Council of Presidents meetings. Of particular interest are files related to the establishment and history of the University: site selection, legislative lobbying, University name, construction, planning conferences, five-year plan, presidential inauguration and photographs. Other topics in the collection include convocation, evaluation of the president, college housing program, faculty opinion survey and meeting students’ needs, values and motivations, and Florida’s Solar Energy Center.

Archival Collection of Dr. Charles N. Millican from the Collection of Norman Van Meter, 1900s-2000s   1 box, 1 flat file, 1.1 linear feet

The collection contains photographs, news clippings, and personal letters that are about Charles Millican. The photographs range from social events to private family photos.

University Branches, Offices, Services, and Programs

Academic Advising Council Records, 1989-2007   1 box, 0.75 linear feet

This collection includes documents pertaining to the formation of the University of Central Florida’s Academic Advising Council as well as its administration, initiatives, and achievements. There is also an official Academic Advising Statement and the Academic Advising handbook created for faculty.

Arboretum Collection, 1984-2011   6 boxes, 3 linear feet

This collection contains several scrapbooks, publications, and other loose materials related to the UCF Arboretum. Comprised mostly of photographs, the collection also contains pamphlets, and articles.

Assistant Director of Maintenance Records, 1964-2000   7 boxes, 11 linear feet

The Assistant Director of Maintenance Records contain information concerning the growth of UCF since its inception. Among the documents in the collection are building blueprints, memos, work orders, photographs, letters, and official correspondences that detail the ways in which UCF has grown and developed as an institution.

Board of Trustees Records, 2001-2008   5 boxes, 5 linear feet

The UCF Board of Trustees formed in 2001 when the Florida State University system separated into individual Universities. The documents and minutes continue similar work to the previous statewide entity, the Board of Regents, whose records are included in the Office of the President records.

Brevard Branch Campus History, 1966-1995   1 box, 0.2 linear feet

A history of the Brevard campus from 1966 to 1983 with an appendix consisting of photocopies of correspondence, memoranda, news clippings, news releases and pamphlets which documents the establishment of the Brevard campus and the 2+2 program as well as the career of Anthony P. Tesori.

Brevard Regional Campuses Collection, 1991-2014   3 boxes, 1 flat files, 2.1 linear feet

The vision of the UCF Regional Campuses is to create an innovative approach to provide access and opportunity in the lives of students, faculty, and staff through the university’s expanding partnerships to maintain a commitment to excellence. This collection of records contains documents, photographs, and media relating to UCF’s partnership with Brevard Community College and the university’s campus locations, including Cocoa and Palm Bay both of which are in Brevard County.

Brown, Black & White Collection, 1940-2006   1 box, 1.0 linear feet

The Brown, Black, & White collection documents the creation, planning and execution of commemorative events in Central Florida which reflected on the 50th anniversary of the Supreme Court’s decision on Brown v. Board of Education. Materials in this collection include correspondence, event planning notes, flyers, programs, articles, newspaper clippings, and DVDs.

Center for Research and Education in Optics and Lasers (CREOL) Office Records, 1985-1999   4 boxes, 4 linear feet

The Center for Research and Education in Optics and Lasers was founded in 1986 and is currently recognized as a center for excellence regarding research in a wide range of optics and photonics technologies. This collection contains conference materials and correspondence related to CREOL and its first director M. J. Soileau.

History of the Center for Research and Education in Optics and Lasers (CREOL), 1984-1991   1 box, 0.2 linear feet

A collection of letters, memoranda, reports and news releases, which documents the establishment of CREOL.

Office of Diversity and Inclusion Records, 1977-2018   5 boxes, 3.33 linear feet

The Office of Diversity and Inclusion (ODI) strives to build an inclusive culture for all students, faculty and staff by promoting diversity and inclusion practices and policies. This collection of records contains documents and media relating to ODI’s beginning, programs, and goals.

Office of the Vice President of Academic Affairs: Leslie L. Ellis Papers, 1967-1986   6 boxes, 7.5 linear feet

The collection encompasses the professional files of Leslie Ellis, who served the University of Central Florida in a variety of positions, including professor, Dean and Associate Vice President of Graduate Studies and Research, director of Research Park and interim Dean of the College of Health and Public Affairs. These files represent his tenure as acting President and Vice President for Academic Affairs for the University, and come largely from the years 1978 to 1980. The collection contain correspondence, reports, meeting minutes and other materials related to Ellis’ wide range of responsibilities as acting President and Vice President for Academic Affairs.

Equal Opportunity Office Records, 1969-1988   2 boxes, 1.5 linear feet

From its beginning, the Equal Opportunity Office has facilitated campus policies and programs for students, faculty, staff, applicants, visitors, and community members in accordance with statutes and guidelines. The collection holds materials concerning the University’s implementation of federal affirmative action programs and civil rights regulations during the 1970’s as well as the affects on faculty, staff, students, recruitment practices, and federal funding to the University.

Finance and Accounting Office Records, 1983-2003   3 boxes, 3 linear feet

This collection contains audits and associated materials created by the University of Central Florida’s Office of Finance and Accounting.

Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life Records, 1969-2008   2 boxes, 1.5 linear feet

This collection contains booklets, magazines, pamphlets, and invitations relating to the fraternity and sorority life at the University of Central Florida.

Office of the Vice President of Academic Affairs: Carroll B. Gambrell , Jr. Papers, 1964-1984   25 boxes, 25.5 linear feet

The collection contains the administrative papers of the first vice-president of Florida Technological University, Carroll B. Gambrell, Jr. There are accreditation reports, self study reports, academic programs, administrative reviews, Board of Regents reports and minutes, allocation documents, Sunshine Law, Dean’s Council minutes, articulation agreement, foreign study programs, and honors programs. Other topics include academic program reviews, branch campuses, transfer students, academic policies, progress reports, degree programs, grade policies, registration, student problems, sex equity study, Faculty Senate, faculty evaluation, chairperson evaluation, faculty development, faculty promotion, current issues in higher education, and evaluation of the president.

Office of the General Counsel Records, 1964-2002   7 boxes, 5.75 linear feet

The Office of the General Counsel strives to protect the University of Central Florida from adverse legal and financial consequences and to provide counseling to university units and departments by using the foundational principles that guide the conduct, performance, and decisions of the university. This collection of records contains documents relating to the General Counsel’s dealings with the legal advice and cases the university has been involved in the past.

Office of Graduate Studies Records, 1969-1991   6 boxes, 6 linear feet

This collection encompasses the Office of Graduate Studies at Florida Technological University and the University of Central Florida from 1970 until 1991. Although the Office changed names and directors numerous times throughout the twenty year time span of the collection, it collected the same information on how various graduate programs at the University were initiated and information about the programs once they were begun.

College of Health and Public Affairs Records, 1976-2014   3 boxes, 2.5 linear feet

This collection contains documents, correspondence, newsletters and ephemera relating to the College of Health and Public Affairs (COHPA) and its School of Public Administration. The majority of the collection was given by Dr. Wendell Lawther, who began teaching at UCF in 1984 and was a professor for the COHPA Department of Public Administration (later School of Public Administration) for thirty years.

Judaic Studies Program: Distinguished Lecturers Series Records, 1985-2004   1 box, 1 linear foot

Correspondences, news clippings, photographs and advertisements document the Distinguished Lecturers series sponsored by the Judaic Studies Program. Lecture subjects range from the Holocaust to Modern Israeli issues.

Library Exhibit Records, 1969-1979   2 boxes, 2.0 linear feet

The records contain slides and in many cases documentation such as programs, pamphlets, patron comment sheets, local newspaper articles advertising and critiquing the exhibits. The library was the first building to be built on the campus, thus making the library’s entryway primary space for all university departments to showcase various presentations or projects where they otherwise could not. This collection highlights the many varied campus exhibits, while showing how the library functioned as a multi-use building in the university’s early years. This collection also documents the American Library Association traveling exhibit Frankenstein: Penetrating the Secrets of Nature (2004) and the local UCF events surrounding the exhibit.

Library Faculty Affairs Committee Documents, 2012-2013   1 box, 0.25 linear feet

The mission of the Library Faculty Affairs Committee (FAC) is to coordinate library faculty affairs, exclusive of those directly assigned to the Library Promotion Coordination Committee (PCC).

Library Promotion Coordinating Committee Records, 2012   1 box, 0.25 linear feet

The mission of the Promotion Coordinating Committee (PCC) is to recommend initial rank for new hires, and to coordinate the faculty promotion and Cumulative Progress Evaluation (CPE) processes. The purpose of the CPE is to provide evaluative feedback and guidance on the appropriateness of professional activities with sufficient lead time for a candidate to take corrective measure. This collection contains minutes, agendas, a committee manual, a timeline, and ballots.

Marketing Office Collection, 1967-2009   7 boxes, 7 linear feet

The University Marketing Office Publications are a collection of materials that were created by the university for marketing purposes. These materials are comprised of pamphlets, brochures, calendars, informational handouts, event programs, and book inserts. All of these materials cover a wide variety of clubs, colleges, and organizations affiliated with the university.

Medical Record Administration Program Records, 1971-1990   2 boxes, 1.2 linear feet

The Medical Record Administration program, now known as Health Information Management program, was founded in 1969 to assist students in learning medical record-keeping. This collection includes accreditation documents, correspondence, and meeting minutes.

Music Department Programs Collection, 1981-2011   2 boxes, 2 linear feet

This collection consists of the academic year programs for faculty, student, and guest artist performances from the UCF Music Department.

Department of Nursing Records, 1968-2006   2 boxes, 1.5 linear feet

Florida Technological University, now the University of Central Florida, set out in 1968 to create a program of nursing that would be accessible to students in Central Florida. This collection contains the correspondence, minutes, and curriculum pertaining to the creation and implementation of the Department of Nursing at UCF.

Police Department Records, 1977-1998   1 box, 0.5 linear feet

This collection contains documents related to the UCF Police Department. Included are a number of training and evaluation manuals, memoranda, related UCF memorabilia and newspaper clippings that highlight police activities both on campus and in the community.

Political Science Department: Dr. Roger Handberg Papers, 1972-1999   5 boxes, 5.0 linear feet

Dr. Roger Handberg is a Political Science professor as well as the former chair of the Political Science Department. This collection of his papers contains essays presented at conferences, published articles, research reports, and interdepartmental memorandums. The arrangement of the materials, including the numbering system of the folders, was established by the office of Dr. Handberg.

Registrar’s Office Records, 1972-1987   1 box, 0.4 linear feet

The Registrar’s Office maintains student records and provides important services, such as transcript requests, enrollment verification, and veteran services. This collection includes memoranda from university departments, correspondence, employment information, registration information, and operation manuals.

Office of Research and Graduate Studies Records, 1980-1987   2 boxes, 2.5 linear feet

The Office of Research and Commercialization serves UCF scholars as the official liaison between UCF and external agencies by providing a helping hand for faculty working their way through the funding and contract management process. The Office helps establish connections with the agency and individuals who invest in the promise of research and creative activities. During the 1980s the office was known as the Office and Research and Graduate Studies, which were eventually separated into two separate offices.

Office of the Vice President of Research Records, 1989-1993   7 boxes, 8.75 linear feet

This collection encompasses the file archives of the Office of the Vice President for Research for the University of Central Florida, Michael Bass. It includes read files, or a description of University events in a given month, correspondence files, information regarding partnerships with outside institutions, collaborations with University institutions and general administrative files.

Rosen College of Hospitality Management Collection, 1986-2013   3 boxes, 1.08 linear feet

The Rosen School of Hospitality Management began as a program within the College of Business Administration in 1983 and later became its own school in 2000, called the Rosen School of Hospitality Management. In 2004, it received a new building and later changed to Rosen College of Hospitality Management. This collection of records contains brochures, viewbooks, correspondence and visual materials such as photographs, slides and a scrapbook.

Small Business Development Center Records, 1998-2002   2 boxes, 2.6 linear feet

The UCF Small Business Development Center was founded in 1980-81 to foster the growth of small businesses throughout the Central Florida area. The following are documents encompassing the four branches (Main, Brevard, Daytona, and Seminole) of the SBDC. The collection contains quarterly reports and training course records from the years 1998-2002.

Sociology Department: Dr. James Wright Papers, 1949-2015   4 boxes, 4.0 linear feet

Since his arrival at the University of Central Florida in 2001, Dr. James Wright worked on several publications, was directly involved in community organizations, and worked on the development of the University of Central Florida Sociology department. This collection of his papers contains documents related to these subjects.

Student Development and Enrollment Services Records, 1968-2008   9 boxes, 6.5 linear feet

The division of Student Development and Enrollment Services began as the Office of Student Affairs when Florida Technological University opened to students in 1968. Since that time the division has overseen the work of various offices and departments on campus dedicated to enhancing the quality of the university as a whole and the quality of the student experience. This collection contains materials about the activities of many of the offices, departments, and programs contained within SDES.

Theatre Department: Dr. Donald Seay Papers, 1986-2014   6 boxes, 1 flat file, 2.93 linear feet

Donald Seay served as the chair and artistic director for the UCF Conservatory Theater from 1992 until 2004, when he then returned to teaching performance and theatre management. UCF Theatre experience immense growth under Dr. Seay and provided students and the community with entertaining productions during his tenure. This collection contains various documents, programs, affiliate information, photos, and awards relating to Dr. Donald Seay and the UCF Theatre Department.

Theatre Program Collection, 1969-2009   7 boxes, 5 linear feet

The FTU/UCF Theatre Collection documents the rise of the UCF theatre program. Materials include playbills, programs, photographs, reviews, newspaper clippings, posters and brochures. Also included is a scrapbook of items from the early theatre program and Alpha Psi Omega, the national honorary theatre fraternity.

University Audits, 1983-2014   6 boxes, 3 linear feet

The UCF University Audit Department is tasked with maintaining or improving the economic efficiency and reducing risks of the university’s governance, operations, and systems through various methods. This collection contains UCF internal university audits from numerous departments and programs.

Office of the Vice President of University Relations Records, 1968-1992   6 boxes, 6 linear feet

University Relations Records includes correspondence, brochures, invoices, requisitions, purchase orders, reimbursement forms, manuscripts, reports, forms, news releases and clippings. The University Relations records are divided into series by unit or division and then partially arranged by subject and content. The bulk of the records covers D. Robert McGinnis’s tenure as Vice-president for University Relations.

Village Center Activities Board: Michael Crumpton Records, 1974-1979 1 box, 1 flat file, 1 linear foot

This collection includes documents pertaining to Michael Crumpton’s involvement with Florida Technological University’s Village Center, with the Association of College Unions International, and with proposing a new student union for FTU. The collection contains a phone survey used to research the university’s name change from FTU to UCF, a proposal for a new student union, and a proposal for the Village Center’s first minority committee.

University Organizations Records

Alumni Association Records, 1964-2000   3 boxes, 2.3 linear feet

Originally a volunteer organization, the UCF Alumni Association was founded in 1971 to foster relationships between the university and its alumni. Included in this collection are minutes, correspondence, brochures and related materials detailing the association’s administration and outreach programs.

Black Faculty and Staff Association Records, 1978-2014   1 box, 1 linear feet

Since its establishment in 1994, the Black Faculty and Staff Association works to provide mentoring and opportunities for students at the University of Central Florida. This collection of records contains documents related to these subjects.

Campus Activities Board Collection, 1993-2006   1 box, 0.2 linear feet

The Campus Activities Board is a student-run organization that organizes educational and entertainment activities funded by the Activity and Service Fee. This collection includes informational brochures, event calendars and advertisements for the Campus Activities Board and related university offices.

Faculty Senate Papers, 1968-2008   5 boxes, 3.75 linear feet

This collection includes items such as constitutional revisions, meeting minutes, and correspondence as well as many other miscellaneous senate documents.

Florida Solar Energy Center Collection, 1974-2012   36 boxes, 35.25 linear feet

The Florida Solar Energy Center (FSEC) does research and develops energy technologies that enhance Florida’s economy and environment as well as educates the public, students, and practitioners on the results of the research. This collection of records contains the findings of FSEC’s many research projects as well as grant proposals, yearly and mid-term reports, newsletters, newspapers, printed PowerPoint presentations, emails and memos.

Latino Legacy at UCF: Dr. Cyndia Morales Muñiz’s Collection, 2006-2018   1 box, 0.5 linear feet

Dr. Cyndia Morales Muñiz is a UCF Alumna who works as UCF’s Director of HSI Culture and Partnerships. Her collection contains information regarding several organizations, programs, and events tailored towards the Latino and Hispanic population at the University of Central Florida.

Lou Frey Institute of Politics and Government Collection, 2003-2008   1 box, 0.5 linear feet

The Lou Frey Institute for Politics & Government at the University of Central Florida was founded in January 2003 as a nonpartisan foundation that fosters civic education primarily for college and high school students but also for the general public. The Institute promotes informed discussion of issues from diverse viewpoints, encourages participation in the political process, and supports research on politics and policy. These programs include biannual symposia, and this collection mainly consists of advertising materials and DVDs of the symposia presentations.

Orlando Shakespeare Theater Collection,1974-2013   6 boxes, 3.33 linear feet

The Orlando Shakespeare Theater Collection contains playbills, programs, reviews, newspaper clippings, films, cassettes, reels, and schedules. It also includes items relating to the Orlando-UCF Shakespeare Festival Partnership (OSF) such as Simply Shakespeare, Central Florida’s first Shakespearean troupe, and the UCF Shakespeare Summer Institute as well as the NEH grant funded faculty study project Hamlet: Exploring the Renaissance Mind in Action which was presented in the Summer 1991.

Retirement Association Collection, 1989-2004   1 box, 1 linear foot

The UCF Retirement Association, Inc. was organized in 1989 to promote the general welfare of UCF retirees and the university community. This collection consists of one album of photographs, newsletters and correspondence that documents the association’s activities up to its 10th anniversary.

Staff Council Papers, 1971-2010   7 boxes, 7 linear feet

The UCF Staff Council laid its groundwork in 1971 with its first chairman Richard V. Neuhaus. Since then the council has been involved in numerous activities including fund raisers, meetings, charter revisions, elections, and award dinners. This collection is the written records along with a few audio records of the staff council’s accomplishments and undertakings from 1971-2002.

Student Government Association Records, 1983-2002   5 boxes, 3.6 linear feet

This collection contains the records from UCF’s Student Government Association from 1983 through 2002. Many areas of student government are covered, including planning the student union, senate retreats, and monthly reports, but the bulk of files are forms completed by campus clubs and organizations requesting funds. These forms summarize the clubs aims, activities and membership numbers.

Town and Gown Council Collection, 1982-2004   2 boxes, 2 linear feet

This collection contains correspondence, newsletters, meeting minutes, invitations to events, and photographs documenting the activities of the UCF Town and Gown Council, an organization committed to building bridges between the university and the Orlando community. Records from the Council’s creation in 1982 until 2004 are included.

UCF Foundation, Inc. Records, 1968-2002   2 boxes, 2.2 linear feet

Initially founded as the FTU Foundation, Inc. in 1969, the UCF Foundation, Inc. is a non-profit organization that performs a multitude of services for the University of Central Florida, including acting as financial advisors, real estate consultants, and the university’s primary fund-raising arm. This collection contains materials pertaining to the FTU/UCF Foundation, its creation, operation and fund-raising projects.

Women’s Club Papers, 1968-2007   12 boxes, 13.5 linear feet

Papers documents the history of the University’s organization for women from its inception in 1969 until the present day. Materials in the collection include officer files of the president, secretary and treasurer, the club’s publications, such as newsletters and yearbooks, and special event files documenting the different programs of the club. The collection also includes the scrapbooks created each year by the Club’s historian, as well as other photographs and memorabilia.

University Student Organizations Records

Art History Club at UCF Papers, 2011-2015   1 box, .25 linear feet

The Art History Club at UCF collection documents the history of the club from 2011 to 2015. Materials in this collection include officer files of the club’s president, such as meeting agendas, event fliers, and memorabilia.

University Sports

Athletics Collection, 1968-2009   19 boxes, 23.25 linear feet

The University of Central Florida Athletics Collection documents the history and operation of FTU and UCF sports and how University athletics have been chronicled in the media. The creation of several FTU and UCF sports teams are highlighted here, including the UCF football team in 1979. A large portion of this collection contains publications from most FTU and UCF sporting teams including yearly media guides used by local and national media outlets to aid in reporting on University sports.

Patrick Cucci Wrestling Collection, 1983-1986   1 box, 0.4 linear feet

Patrick Cucci, was a UCF wrestling coach in the 1980s. His collection of memorabilia, news clippings, and correspondence documents the team’s history during that period.

Ed Gantner Collection, 1979-1981   1 box, 0.33 linear feet

The collection houses items that belonged to Edward J. Gantner, Jr., a starter in the University of Central Florida Fighting Knights football team from 1979 to 1981, a professional football player in United States Football League and played for the Tampa Bay Bandits as Defensive Tackle and Jacksonville Bulls as an Offensive Lineman, and became a professional wrestler in 1985 until 1987.

Ron Johnson Football Films, 1981   1 box, 1 linear foot

The collection contains twenty reels of 16mm film showing six games from the UCF Football team’s third season in 1981. The games include Elizabeth City State University, Savannah State, Alabama A&M, West Georgia, Hampden-Syndey, and Bethune Cookman.

Craig Linton, Jr. FTU Blanket, undated    1 box, 1 linear foot

The early foundations of the Florida Technological University tennis team finds its roots in four key players recruited by Dr. Alexander Wood. One of these players, Craig Linton, Jr. had a successful career in the sport. He received the blanket for his strong record.

Michael O’Shaughnessy Collection, 1973-2009    10 boxes, 5.83 linear feet

The collection holds footage of primarily the UCF Knights Football team in various media formats, photographs, newspaper articles, journal articles, posters, ephemera, as well as those relating to Michael O’Shaughnessy.


Steven Stein Collection, 1968-1972    1 boxes, 0.5 linear feet

The collection contains material from Steven Stein’s time as a student, as a member of the student government, and as a resident supervisor at Florida Technological University, now University of Central Florida.

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