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The University Archives collects a wide range of publications and materials about the University of Central Florida, formerly Florida Technological University, from its beginnings in 1963 to the current day. Many items have been processed and may be searched for in the library’s catalog. These materials may be paper-based, or in other formats such as audio or film.

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Because of their unique and sometimes fragile nature, materials cannot be checked out; they must be used in the Special Collections & University Archives Reading Room only. Patrons are asked to register and to use the materials with care. Additionally, some materials cannot be photocopied.

For more information on any of the following titles, or those not found in the catalog or listed here, please contact the department.

Accent on the Individual the first twelve years of Florida Technological University: a history of Florida Tech’s early years, 1963-1975, with the personal reminiscences of President Charles N. Millican 

by Kenneth G. Sheinkopf

  • Gives the early history of Florida Technological University (later renamed University of Central Florida). Provides details of the establishment of the University starting with the state legislature’s authorization for its creation, the purchase of land and construction of buildings, the preparations for programs of study and the graduation of the first class. Describes relations with the local communities in Orange and other counties. Includes brief descriptions of the visits of notable persons. President Millican’s comments are interspersed throughout the text.
  • Call # LD1772.F892 S47 (see Catalog Record here)
  • Full Text


Includes items created by Marketing and other collected publications.  Examples of Marketing produced materials are Pegasus Magazine, Centric Magazine, general UCF Promotional materials.


  • Accent, 1967-1979
    • Call # LD1772.F9 A1125 (see Catalog Record here)
    • Continued as The UCF Report
  • Central Florida Future, Semi-weekly Student Newspaper, 1968-current
    • Microfilm: 1968-1986, Call # LD1772.F9 A1438 (see Catalog Record here)
    • Archives: 1968-current, currently being digitized, browse or search here.
      • For non-digitized copies, please contact the department.
    • Online: 2001-current, browse or search: http://www.centralfloridafuture.com/
  • FYI, 1993-2001
    • Publication of the Office of Academic Affairs and Provost
    • Call # LD1772.F892 F935 (see Catalog Record here)
  • UCF Hot Sheet, 2000-2001
    • Call # LD17772.F92 U354 (see Catalog Record here)
    • Previously The UCF Report
  • UCF News Releases, 1966-current
    • Call # LD1772.F92 F56 (see Catalog Record here)
    • Previously FTU News Releases
  • UCF Report, 1979-2000
    • Call # LD1772.F91 A18325 (see Catalog Record here)
    • Archives: 1979-2000, currently being digitized, browse or search here.
      • For non-digitized copies, please contact the department.
    • Online: 2001-current, browse or search: http://news.ucf.edu/UCFnews/
    • Previously the Accent, Continued as the Hot Sheet

Publications about or for Students

  • Catalogs: Undergraduate & Graduate, 1967-current
    • Digitized, browse or search here.
    • FTU Accent on the Individual, 1967-1978
      • Call # LD1772.F9 A25 (see Catalog Record here)
    • UCF Catalog, 1979-1981
      • Call # LD1772.F9 A25 (see Catalog Record here)
    • UCF Undergraduate Catalog, 1982-current
      • Call # LD1772.F9 A25 (see Catalog Record here)
    • UCF Graduate Catalog, 1982-current
      • Call # LD1772.F9 A26 (see Catalog Record here)
  • Centric, 2011-current
  • Commencement Programs, 1970-current
    • Commencement of Florida Technological University, 1970-1978
      • Call # LD1772.F946 (see Catalog Record here)
    • Commencement of University of Central Florida, 1978-current
      • Call # LD1772.F946 (see Catalog Record here)
    • M.D. Program Commencement of University of Central Florida, 2013-current
      • Call # LD1772.F965643 M43 (see Catalog Record here)
  • The Cypress Dome, Student Poetry Publication, 1990-2013
    • Call # PS501 .C93 (see Catalog Record here)
  • Emphasis, 1970-1993
    • Call # LD1772.F9120 E37 (see Catalog Record here)
  • Florida Review, Published by the Creative Writing Program, 1972-current
    • Call # PS501 .F56 (see Catalog Record here)
  • Guide to Knight Life, Student Handbook, 1977-1983
    • Call # LD1772.F9492 G85 (see Catalog Record here)
  • Pegasus, 1994-current
  •  Yearbooks
    • Digitized, browse or search here.
    • Published only in 1970-1973, 1980-1982, and 1989
      • Call # LD1772.F95 P44 Oversize

Reports and Directories

  • Annual and self-study reports
  • Departmental pamphlets, booklets and brochures
  • Faculty/Student/Staff directories
  • University budgets and financial reports

Theses and Dissertations

Theses and Dissertations written by FTU/UCF graduate students in the master’s and doctoral programs from 1972 to 2004 are archived.  Honors College theses have been collected since 1990 as well. After 2004 graduate theses and dissertations are required to be in electronic format, available through the online catalog. For help with finding theses or dissertations, see also the Dissertations and Theses Research Guide.

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