Textbook Purchases Policy

The UCF Libraries builds collections that support the teaching and research mission of UCF. The goal is to build breadth and depth in the various UCF-supported disciplines while taking into account two key factors – funding and space. These factors weigh in the decision by the Libraries not to purchase textbooks as a routine. There are so many different textbooks used at UCF each semester that funding would not be available to purchase them. These textbooks often change edition very quickly leaving the Libraries with outdated copies that take up valuable space. Finally, without the ability to purchase most of the textbooks any attempt to collect would result in the library benefiting some students while negatively impacting others. Occasionally students will find books in the UCF Libraries that are assigned as textbooks (see the Library Catalog or Course Reserves to check). This happens because the book has been selected on its merits and not because it is an assigned textbook. Patrons interested in seeing online textbook options should see the Libraries Online Book Sources guide.

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