Patron Conduct

To ensure that the UCF Libraries can provide its patrons and employees with a safe and secure environment the following facilities policies have been established. Many of the policies below are derived from or are related to relevant UCF Policies and Procedures and the UCF Regulations.

Violation of any of the following policies could result in patrons being asked to leave the library, the violation being reported to the UCF Police, patrons being trespassed from library facilities or the campus, behavior referred to Student Conduct Review Board, or criminal prosecution. Any criminal behavior will be reported to the UCF Police.

Cell Phone Usage

Cell phones must be set to a non-audible signal.  Please move to a stairwell or outside of the library to conduct all cell phone conversations.

Computer Usage

UCF students and employees are generally free to use UCF computing, telecommunications, and electronic information resources as necessary to carry out their assigned responsibilities, subject to the authorized use of those resources as described in this Use of Information Technologies and Resources Policy

Guest access to public desktop computers and electronic resources at John C. Hitt, Curriculum Materials Center, Rosen, and UCF Downtown locations may be provided to patrons not affiliated with UCF upon request. Patrons desiring this access must complete an electronic log form that collects contact information which is verified with a photo ID prior to receiving the temporary username and password.

Disruptive Behavior

Disruptive behavior is detrimental to a safe and friendly environment for patrons and is therefore prohibited. For the purposes of these policies this includes, but is not limited to the following:

  • Any harassment or abuse (verbal or physical) of patrons or library employees
  • Any loud or disruptive behavior or activity
  • Any misuse, vandalism, or defacement of library equipment, property, facilities, or collections
  • Any sexual harassment or overt sexual behavior
  • Any skateboarding, rollerblading, bicycling, or use of any other non-assistive wheeled vehicles which may pose a hazard to patrons or employees
  • Bicycles are not permitted inside the building
  • Abandoning any personal property, including non-assistive wheeled vehicles is prohibited (abandoned property may be removed and placed in library lost & found)
  • Refusing to leave any library facility at closing, during any emergency drill or situation, or whenever directed by library employees
  • Refusing to identify oneself to library employees as directed
  • Bringing any non-assistive animal into any library facility
  • Leaving any child under the age of 13 unattended in any library facility

Also see the Solicitation, Photography, and Taping policy.

Food and Beverage Policy

The UCF Libraries food and beverage policy has been created to achieve a balance between comfort for our patrons and the need to ensure the maximum value of our collections, equipment, and furnishings. In order to preserve and protect our library resources, patrons are expected to be responsible and maintain our library’s appearance by following these simple guidelines:

  • Properly dispose and remove any traces of personal trash, food, and drinks.
  • At UCF Libraries locations with a cafe or coffee shop, please consume food items within the cafe or coffee shop when possible.
  • Beverage containers must have secure tops or lids.
  • Use extra care when consuming food and drink while using computers, equipment, and library materials.
  • Alert library staff to any spills or messes so that the area can be cleaned promptly.
  • Food and open drink containers are not permitted within the John C. Hitt 5th Floor Quiet Study area.
  • Food and drink are not permitted while using Special Collections & University Archives materials.

Noise and Conversation

  • Consider those around you by minimizing noise, conversations, and disruptive behavior throughout the library.
  • Floors or areas designed as quiet areas are reserved for silent research and study. An atmosphere of quiet will be maintained at all times in these areas. Absolutely no cell phone ringing or conversation will be permitted in quiet areas.
  • As a courtesy, music or audio from electronic devices (including Public Desktop PCs) is allowed only with headphones. Headphone volume needs to be set at a level that does not disrupt other patrons. Headphones are available for checkout.


Solicitation or any other activity that disrupts or interferes with normal library functions or with employees’ or patrons’ ability to pursue normal library-related activities are prohibited. This prohibition includes, but is not limited to:

  • Soliciting, polling, selling, or conducting surveys inside library facilities
  • Soliciting, polling, selling, conducting surveys, or any other activity that disrupts pedestrian, bicycle, vehicular, or other traffic outside library facilities
  • Distribution of printed material or other promotional items, whether handed to library patrons or placed on counters, desks, tables, or posted in bathrooms, public areas, etc.
    • UCF Libraries locations do not have public bulletin boards. Flyers cannot be displayed in the building.

Also see the Disruptive Behavior policy.

Media Requests – Photography and Video Recording

Media Requests – Interview Requests

The UCF Libraries is happy to participate in interviews. All interview questions need to be in written format. UCF Libraries employees should notify their Associate Dean and when they receive any media requests.

  • UCF student journalists should e-mail their interview request and a list of questions to
  • Non-student journalists will need permission for Libraries employee interviews from both UCF Libraries Administration (by emailing and UCF Director of Strategic Communications (email address listed at

Tobacco, Alcohol, and Illegal Substances

Smoking or use of electric cigarettes or any tobacco product in any library facility is prohibited (see the Official UCF Policy). Bringing, possessing, or use of any alcohol or illegal drugs or substances within any library facility is prohibited. Displaying overt signs of alcohol or substance abuse is prohibited and may be reported to the UCF Police.


The University of Central Florida prohibits the possession, use, or storage of weapons on property owned or controlled by the University of Central Florida. Bringing any sort of weapon (real or simulated) into any library facility is prohibited and will be reported to the UCF Police.

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