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Patron Rights

Patron Rights

The UCF Libraries supports the rights of all individuals to:

  • Receive friendly, courteous, honest, and respectful service;
  • Have intellectual freedom, confidentiality, and fair and equitable access to information;
  • Have a clean, comfortable, and pleasant environment;
  • Use the library without threat of harm, invasion of property, or discrimination; and
  • Address concerns through the appropriate library department head, library administrator, or University Ombudsman.

Contact the UCF Libraries Administration regarding concerns.

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Complaint Procedure

Filing a Complaint

Step 1: Submit your complaint or concern using the form below. We cannot respond to a complaint unless you provide your full name and email address.

Step 2: UCF Libraries will acknowledge receipt of a complaint within 2 business days and forward the complaint to the appropriate department or staff member for resolution.

Step 3: The Unit or person receiving the complaint will attempt to respond within 5 business days of receipt of the complaint. Some issues may require more or less time to resolve.

Step 4: If you are not satisfied with the resolution, you can file a request for review with the Dean of Libraries within 5 business days of receipt of the resolution.

Step 5: You will receive notice of a final determination within 10 business days of receipt of a request. Some issues may require more or less time to resolve.

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