STARS Digital Repository

STARS, Showcase of Text, Archives, Research & Scholarship, is an institution-wide digital repository managed by the UCF Libraries. By sharing intellectual and creative outputs in a central site in the cloud, STARS allows faculty and students to showcase their work and make outputs available to expand and enhance research, teaching, and learning.


What can you do with STARS?

  • Share articles, white papers, presentations, posters, and other works
  • Promote, review and publish student scholarship online
  • Give faculty and scholars control of their online presence with SelectedWorks
  • Showcase our institution’s visual resources with interactive image galleries
  • Publish professional-grade online journals
  • Display videos, audio, interactive maps, and real-time comments
  • Instantly publish and archive books, chapters, and monographs to the web
  • Promote and publish campus events online
  • Provide access to institutional and historical documents
  • Support faculty research data
  • More!

Ready to get STARted?

Visit the submission page to upload your materials to existing collections.

Do you have an idea for a new project or collection? Let us know!

For additional information, comments, questions, or suggestions, email the STARS manager at or contact your Subject Librarian.

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The STARS of Thesis & Dissertations

Students at UCF work on all kinds of interesting creative projects and research. UCF Libraries has the privilege of being able to house physical and digital copies of decades of research done by students and faculty.   STARS is UCF’s Showcase of Text, Archives, Research & Scholarship, and is home to scholarship and creative works done by students and faculty across disciplines. STARS provides an option for contributors to share their work while retaining their copyright. Most items in STARS are freely available […]

writing with a quill

Knight Terror: the stacks were watching

What terrors lurk in the heart of humanity? What scary thoughts skulk in the corners of your mind? What dark and spooky words will cross your page? Can you creep out UCF Libraries staff with a scary story set in one of the UCF Library buildings? Submit your scary story for the annual Knight Terror […]

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Congratulations Knight Terror Winners!

Congratulations to our two Knight Terror winners!   1st place: “Chasing Cars” by Jillian M. Carver 2nd place: “Twitch” by Ryan M. Parente   Both are now a part of our KnightVerse in STARS! Thank you to everyone who submitted a story. There were a lot of very scary stories to choose from which made […]

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