Patron Conduct

Food and Beverage Policy

The UCF Libraries food and beverage policy has been created to achieve a balance between comfort for our patrons and the need to ensure the maximum value of our collections, equipment, and furnishings. In order to preserve and protect our library resources, patrons are expected to be responsible and maintain our library’s appearance by following these simple guidelines:

  • Properly dispose and remove any traces of personal trash, food, and drinks.
  • At UCF Libraries locations with a cafe or coffee shop, please consume food items within the cafe or coffee shop when possible.
  • Beverage containers must have secure tops or lids.
  • Use extra care when consuming food and drink while using computers, equipment, and library materials.
  • Alert library staff to any spills or messes so that the area can be cleaned promptly.
  • Food and open drink containers are not permitted within the John C. Hitt 5th Floor Quiet Study area.
  • Food and drink are not permitted while using Special Collections & University Archives materials.
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