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All monographs in Special Collections are catalogued, and can be searched using the Library’s Online Catalog. Items in the collections include outstanding or unusual books on topics relevant to the history of Florida, tourism, the islands of the West Indies and book arts. Because of their unique and sometimes fragile nature, Special Collections materials cannot be checked out; they must be used in the Special Collections Reading Room. Patrons are asked to register and to use the materials with care. Some materials cannot be photocopied. No items can be paged and all materials must be returned within 15 minutes of closing.

Bryant West Indies Collection

  • A scholarly collection of over 1,800 books and periodicals on the history, geography, economy, and social life of the West Indies and the Caribbean area. The collection also includes paintings, graphics, sculptures, maps, audio recordings, and anthropological artifacts.
    • Books and periodicals may be found in the Online Catalog by searching the series, “William L. Bryant West Indies collection”.
    • Materials such as audio recordings, slides, and ephemera from the Bryant Collection are described on the Collection Guides page.

Walter and Dorothy Donnelly Collection

  • The collection includes works in world literature, art, book arts, and travel, and approximately 180 items from the collection are housed in Special Collections. The other 4,000 titles in the collection have been added to the Library’s general collection.

Engineering Collection

  • Written materials important in the historical development of engineering and technology, with a major emphasis on engineering education.
    • Books may be found in the Online Catalog by searching the series, “Engineering Special Collection”.

Howard Eves Mathematics Collection

  • The library of the noted teacher and author of mathematics. A selective bibliography is available for checkout from the general collection, and reference copies are available for use by researchers in Reference and Special Collections. Materials from the donation are located both in the general collection and in Special Collections.
    • Books may be found in the Online Catalog by searching the series, “Howard Eves Mathematics Collection”.

Harrison A. Finney Collection

  • Comprised of materials from the personal library of Harry Anson Finney. Finney was elected to the Accounting Hall of Fame in 1958 in recognition of his influence on accounting education. The collection includes scarce, fine and special materials collected by Finney during his lifetime, and a specimen group of his landmark textbooks; both in English and in translation. Some materials are held in the general collection, others in Special Collections.

Horror-Fantasy Collection

  • A group of books, primarily fiction, dealing with horror and fantasy. Authors represented include H.P. Lovecraft, August Derleth, Robert E. Howard, Lin Carter, Robert Bloch, and Clark Ashton Smith.

The Judith and Warren Kaplan Collection, Women’s and Gender Studies

  • Judith and Warren Kaplan Collection comprised over 700 books and 44 periodicals related to the history of women, especially the nineteenth and twentieth century women’s suffrage movement. Certain titles were kept in Special Collections & University Archives due to the fragile nature of bindings and condition of the materials.

Susan King Library

Sol and Sadie Malkoff Book Arts Collection

  • A resource collection of books, periodicals, graphics, and type foundry specimen books. The collection assembled over 60 years by graphic artist Sol Malkoff demonstrates the principles of good calligraphy, type, typography, graphic design, and book design.

Thomas and Georgine Mickler Collection

  • Thomas and Georgine Mickler ran a small publishing company, Mickler House, and a thriving mail-order business, Mickler’s Antiquarian Books, out of their Chuluota home for almost 40 years. The Mickler Estate Collection includes materials related to the history of Florida books, maps, diaries, letters, sermons, photographs, newspaper clippings, deeds, legal documents, pictorial works, albums, postcards, booklets, brochures and pamphlets. Materials from the donation can be found in both the general collection and the Special Collections.
    • Books, along with selected pamphlets and diaries may be found in the Online Catalog by searching the series, “Thomas and Georgine Mickler Collection”.
    • Some material has been digitized for online access through the PALMM Florida Heritage Collection.
    • Manuscript materials from the Mickler Estate were divided into collections by format. Collected Ephemera forms the basis of the Florida Ephemera collection. Photographs and Post Cards form the basis of the Florida Image Collection. Diaries, Sermons, and Maps each have their own guides. See the Collection Guides page for more information.

Rare Books

  • A collection including old editions, first editions, delicate or special bindings, and rarities. The Rare Books collection consists mainly of imprints dated before 1876. Prior to 1830, book production was largely a matter of handwork, and these volumes are automatically placed in the rare book collection. Special Collections is also interested in books published between 1830 and 1900. Many, if not most of the books published in the 19th century are quite fragile, and if they retain certain features, such as the original binding and publishers’ catalogs, are of significant research value, and may be considered a candidate for the rare books collection. Books issued by fine presses and limited editions printed in small quantities with a stated number of copies with deluxe or unusual bindings, typographical excellence, and illustrations by famous artists are also collected.

Van Sickle Leftist Pamphlet Collection, 1920’s -1970’s

  • A collection of political pamphlets on socialism and communism collected by Miss Van Sickle, a staunch Canadian Socialist from the 1920s through the 1970s. Topics covered in the pamphlets include liberal or leftist causes from the time period collected such as: world pacifism, anti-racism, anti-Semitism, British and world labor movements, communism, socialism, women’s rights, and the “ban-the-bomb” movement. Many of the items in the collection are extremely rare, and possibly unique to the UCF collection. Over 2,500 pamphlets have been catalogued and can be found using the library’s Online Catalog by searching the series “Van Sickle Leftist Pamphlet Collection”. Another 80+ pamphlets are uncatalogued and can be searched using the guide listed below.

UCF Student Book Arts Competition Collection

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