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Standing Committees

Administration Council

Administration Council serves as an email and weekly meeting forum whereby members communicate, discuss, deliberate, and advise on topics and initiatives pertinent to the work of UCF Libraries and execution of its Mission Statement. Administration Council is composed of the library Dean, Assistant/Associate Deans, and select others, as identified by the Dean.

Management Council

Management Council serves as an email and standing meeting forum whereby members share information and discuss topics and initiatives pertinent to the work of the library. Management Council is composed of Administration Council and heads of library departments. Guests may be invited by the Dean.

Building Planning Committee (BPC)

The Building Planning Committee is responsible for holding standing meetings to share information and discuss, plan, and act upon topics related to the Hitt Library building, including renovation plans, on-going work, space allocation, moving and housing of collections, internal and external communications, and gathering assessment data and feedback on use of the building. BPC is composed of representatives from public-facing services, collections, and Management Council, as determined by scope, length, and likely impact of projects.

Dean’s Advisory Group (DAG)

The Dean’s Advisory Group (DAG) was designed so that library faculty, and staff may voice concerns anonymously to the Dean of Libraries as well as provide the dean an opportunity to make announcements and updates. DAG is responsible for holding employee appreciation events, the winter holiday party, and select fundraising activities. The June Stillman Scholarship is a subcommittee under DAG purview. DAG is composed of three librarians, four USPS staff, and representatives from branch campus libraries. Members are elected/appointed to two-year staggered terms. The Dean and the Dean’s Executive Assistant (ex officio) are permanent members of the committee.

Faculty Affairs Committee (FAC)

The Faculty Affairs Committee (FAC) is responsible for conducting monthly library faculty meetings, holding most library faculty elections, coordinating meetings with librarian candidates, offering mentoring/professional development training opportunities or documentation, and maintaining records of FAC-related documents. FAC is composed of five librarians, three university and/or associate librarians and two assistant librarians, elected to three-year staggered terms by the library faculty. 

Information Technology Advisory Committee (ITAC)

The Libraries’ ITAC acts as an advisor and provides recommendations to the Dean of Libraries as well as the appropriate departments within UCF IT. With the consolidation of technology resources into one centralized information technology department for the university, it is important that strategic decisions regarding technology for UCF Libraries are made with the informed guidance of an advisory committee. The Information Technology Advisory Committee (ITAC) is responsible for providing the Libraries with advice and guidance on technology strategies and priorities. Each Libraries division has a representative with technology expertise on ITAC.

Primo Search Continuous Improvement Committee (PSCI)

The Primo Search Continuous Improvement Committee (PSCI) is focused on discussions to continue the continuous improvement of Primo Search; collectively review current and emerging Primo VE capabilities, settings, and user experience; seek input to optimize Alma settings in non-Discovery functional areas that impact Primo Search; develop configuration recommendations for optimal discovery for the Discovery Service Librarian and/or Webmaster to implement, and Identify training needs, information and communication gaps; and recommend policy updates. It is chaired by the Discovery Services Librarian and has open membership.

Promotion Coordinating Committee (PCC)

The Promotion Coordinating Committee (PCC)  is responsible for recommending initial rank for new hires, and coordinating the faculty promotion and Cumulative Progress Evaluation (CPE) processes. PCC is composed of three university or associate librarians, elected to three-year staggered terms by the library faculty. 

Professional Development Research Award Committee (PDRA)

The Professional Development Research Award (PDRA) Committee is responsible for calling for and reviewing internal grant proposals or proposals to cover funding for professional development requests for library faculty on an annual basis. PDRA is composed of three librarians, with a minimum of one assistant level and one associate level member and the remaining member of any rank, appointed by the Dean to three-year staggered terms.

Video Advisory Team

The Video Advisory Team is responsible for adding, reviewing and maintaining the Libraries’ public facing videos as well as reviewing and revising the Video Guidelines and Best Practices. The team is led by a Student Learning & Engagement Librarian and includes the IT Manager and Senior Graphic Designer.

Library Advisory Committee

The Library Advisory Committee is one of the Faculty Senate’s Committees and Councils whose primary purposes are to facilitate communication between the Libraries and its academic clientele; to act as an advocate for the Libraries is university wide decision-making groups; and to serve as an advisory council to the Libraries administration.  Membership is made up of one faculty member from each academic unit, one college dean, one department chair, one undergraduate student and one graduate student.  The Director of Libraries is an ex officio member.  The chair of the Committee is chosen each year from among the faculty representatives.  Faculty Senate Constitution

Student Advisory Board

Members of the Student Advisory Board meet with library administrators at least three times during a year-long appointment.  Advisory Board members have the opportunity to bring forward ideas for better library service and facilities, and to discuss library issues affecting the UCF student body.

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