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Media Collections

The University of Central Florida Libraries' media collections are located at the LibTech desk at the Main Library (3rd floor), Rm. 303 in Orlando. The collections consists of videos DVDs, CDs, and CD-ROMs (Windows-based). Smaller collections of Multimedia kits are also available.

  • Audio CD Musical Collection --(3,089 + titles) - classical, jazz, rock and roll, R&B, general music.
  • Audio Books on CD -- (193+ titles ) -Located with the Browsing Books in Infusion (2nd floor) or Media CD collection (3rd floor).
  • Blu-Ray Discs -- (7 + titles)
  • CD-ROM Collection -- (911 + titles) - engineering, educational, science, health.
  • DVD Collection -- (3,871 + titles) - feature films and educational subjects.

Last updated August 21, 2014 4:11:01 PM

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