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Chemistry - 1968

In 1963 at the start of planning, construction of the library and science building, now called the Chemistry building, were the first big steps.1 The Science building was built to serve many functions such as undergraduate and graduate instruction in engineering, physics, mathematics, and physical sciences.2 The original plans provided 13,000 sq. feet of classrooms, 11,000 sq. feet of office space and conference rooms, 50 faculty offices, a physics lab, a machine shop, a dark room, an electronics lab, an optics lab, a telescope room, x-ray room, a staff lounge, and a 300-seat auditorium.3, 4, 5 In addition, 1800 square feet was reserved specifically for the research and teaching of electronics and 2400 sq. feet specifically for engineering. However, as enrollment increased so did the need for more buildings and thus what was once known as the Science building became the Chemistry building. 6, 7

The Chemistry building now contains 27,948 net square feet of classrooms, labs, and research space. One lab in particular, known as the ‘Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Facility’ is equipped with two spectrometers, a 500 MHz Varian NMR systems console with two channels, a Varian AutoX dual broadband pfg probe, a 300 MHz Varian Mercury console equipped with two channels, and finally a Varian AutoSwitchable pfg probe setup in 4-nuc mode.8

In addition, the Chemistry Department is home to some notable professors who are making advances through research. For instance, Kevin Belifield, a professor of chemistry and Chairman of the Chemistry department, has been working on early cancer imaging for the past 14 years. He and his colleagues are using infrared lights for bio-imaging purposes for the early detection of tumors.9


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