Disruptive Behavior Policy

Disruptive behavior is detrimental to a safe and friendly environment for patrons and is therefore prohibited. For the purposes of these policies this includes, but is not limited to the following:

  • Any harassment or abuse (verbal or physical) of patrons or library employees
  • Any loud or disruptive behavior or activity
  • Any misuse, vandalism, or defacement of library equipment, property, facilities, or collections
  • Any sexual harassment or overt sexual behavior
  • Any skateboarding, rollerblading, bicycling, or use of any other non-assistive wheeled vehicles which may pose a hazard to patrons or employees
  • Bicycles are not permitted inside the building
  • Abandoning any personal property, including non-assistive wheeled vehicles is prohibited (abandoned property may be removed and placed in library lost & found)
  • Refusing to leave any library facility at closing, during any emergency drill or situation, or whenever directed by library employees
  • Refusing to identify oneself to library employees as directed
  • Bringing any non-assistive animal into any library facility
  • Leaving any child under the age of 13 unattended in any library facility

Also see the Solicitation, Photography, and Taping policy.

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