Library Cards Policy

UCF Borrowers

For the the John C. Hitt Library, Curriculum Materials Center (CMC), the Rosen Library, and the Downtown Campus Library, the following individuals may borrow library materials from with their UCF ID or valid government photo ID:

  • UCF Students (must be enrolled in at least one class for the semester)
  • Current UCF Faculty
  • Current UCF Staff
  • Current UCF Adjunct Faculty
  • UCF Retirees

Cards and privileges may vary at regional campus libraries.

Proxy Cards for Faculty

Faculty members may designate authorized users (e.g. a student assistant, research assistant, staff member, or family member) to use their Faculty checkout privileges.

Authorized users can be added to your account through your Illiad login under the user information section. In order to verify they are designated to pick up materials for the faculty member, authorized users will need to present their UCF or Government Photo ID.

Special Borrowers

Special Borrowers cards are available upon proof of affiliation or by purchase.  All Special Borrowers cards are non-transferable between individuals.  A $5.00 processing fee will be issued for the replacement of lost cards.  Special Borrowers card and valid government photo ID must be present at time of check-out.  Please read below for specific requirements for each Special Borrower category

  • Alumni: UCF Alumni may purchase a borrowers card with 6 months of privileges for $30 or 1 year for $60. Alumni with existing Knights for Life memberships can receive a borrowers card at no cost with proof of membership and government issued photo ID.
  • Distance Learners: If you are unable to visit a campus to get a UCF ID you may request a Library ID number.
  • Faculty Emeritus and Spouse of Active Faculty:  You must present your government issued photo ID and proof of UCF affiliation to obtain a Special Borrowers card.
  • Florida State Universities, Florida Community Colleges: You must present your school ID and government issued photo ID to obtain a Special Borrowers card.
  • Florida Pre-K-12 School Teachers: You must present your government issued photo ID and a letter from your school principal or administration to obtain a Special Borrowers card.

Community Special Borrowers

Community Special Borrowers cards are available for purchase at the John C. Hitt Library.  6 months privileges for $30 or 1 year for $60.  Payment must be made by credit or check at the John C. Hitt Library.

  • Community Patrons:  You must be 18 years old and have a valid Florida driver’s license or proof of Florida residency and a government issued photo ID or passport.
  • Community Patrons (Minors):  Any person under the age of 18 who wishes to purchase a Special Borrower’s card must have their parent or other legal guardian purchase the card and co-sign for the card with the minor.  By co-signing the card the guardian assumes full financial liability for any library item issued to the minor.  Only that one authorized minor can use the card to check out items; the parent/guardian who purchased the card for the minor cannot use the card. The minor must present a government issued photo ID card to use the Borrowers Card.
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