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2012 UCF Student Book Arts Competition Exhibit

Images from 2012 UCF Student Book Arts Competition

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This exhibit features all eight entries submitted to this year’s competition. We are pleased to announce our winner, “Book Worms” by Chris Ware, with this exhibit and celebrate the hard work of all the participants. This year’s winner was selected with scores from our four judges: Jean Gould, Ke Francis, Bea Nettles, and Whitney Broadaway.

Exhibit Description

Book Arts are considered to be any book, or book-like object, created by an artist that has become something more than just a book and entered the realm of art. This year’s entries cover a wide range of topics and formats and all of them show the creativity of UCF students. "Thumb Cinema" by Julia Motley is a cornucopia of formats with a thaumatrope and two kineographs all held together in a Jacob's ladder box. "Sock" by Michelle Nadeau and "A Fairytale Abstracted" by Annemarie Nemcik present hand illustrated stories on unconventional materials. The fine press tradition is represented by Tyler Owens' "Farther Than Outer Space" featuring woodcut illustrations of dreams alongside an original poem by Melo Sauval. "Catatonic" by Amanda Wahrenberger combines a star book and an interactive element in a clam shell all about cats. Finally, Chris Ware submitted three of his works. "Book Worms" is an invasive pop-up book inspired by Tim Burton; "Swimming in Circles" depicts a child learning to swim in a fun tetraflexagon format; and "The Window", which is the most sculptural of all the entries, with pages made from clear plexiglass accompanied by a wooden slip case.

  •  Book Worms by Chris Ware, winner of the 2012 Book Arts Competition.

    Book Worms

  •  Book Worms by Chris Ware, winner of the 2012 Book Arts Competition.

    Book Worms

  •  Catatonic by Amanda Wahrenberger.


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