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Spanish Antiphonary c. 1520-1560

The Spanish Antiphonary, c. 1520-1560, is one of the oldest manuscripts in Special Collections & University Archives.

Mission Statement

The mission of the University of Central Florida Libraries Special Collections & University Archives is to provide services to the Library and University community in support of research, teaching and service. Special Collections & University Archives acquires books that have a central function to the curriculum and that cannot be replaced as well as primary source materials that support long-term research goals.

The University Archives is the official repository of all aspects of life at the University of Central Florida. It is the policy of UCF to preserve the institutional memory of the university by transferring historical documents to the University Archives and it is the responsibility of the person or office of creation, working with the Senior Archivist of University Archives, to transfer records to the University Archives. For more information, please see the Records Transfer page and the University Archives Policy.

We have six distinct collecting areas:

  1. African Americana – anchored by the African American Legacy: The Carol Mundy Collection, this collecting area consists of a wide variety of materials including monographs, art, ephemera, artifacts and photographs.
  2. Book Arts & Typography – book artist’s manuscript collections are collected as well as a wide variety of book arts showing the vast range and diversity in this artistic area.
  3. Caribbean West Indies – anchored by the William J. Bryant collection, this area collects mostly monographs, maps and ephemera though art is also selectively acquired.
  4. Floridiana – items in this collecting area include manuscripts, maps, monographs, ephemera, and photographs relating to the origins, development, and general history of the state of Florida, particularly the Central Florida region.
  5. Travel & Tourism – materials including manuscripts, maps, monographs, ephemera, and photographs are collected to depict the history of the travel and tourism industry in the Central Florida region.
  6. University Archives – manuscript collections, university publications, records of university offices and organizations, audio/visual materials and other documents, UCF theses and dissertations (printed), and ephemera relating to the history of the University are collected.

Check out the Special Collections brochure and the University Archives brochure!

A complete list of collections and their guides are available in the “Collection Guide” links under the respective areas, either Special Collections or University Archives. Because some collections in Special Collections & University Archives are not processed, access to these collections might be limited. Please refer to “Unprocessed Collection” links under the respective areas to view a complete list of unprocessed collections.

Because of their unique and sometimes fragile nature, Special Collections & University Archives materials cannot be checked out – they must be used in the Special Collections Reading Room. Patrons are asked to register and use materials with care. Duplication and reproduction services are available, though some materials cannot be photocopied.

To search all of the books cataloged in Special Collections & University Archives, use the search box below:

Items in the catalog include outstanding or unusual books on topics relevant to the history of Florida, tourism, the islands of the West Indies, Book Arts, and African Americana as well as the University of Central Florida.


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