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Instruction Evaluation Form (Faculty)

Please take a few minutes to give us some feedback about your experience. We Appreciate your comments!

Date of class visit or guest lecture:

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Course #: Course Name:

1. The instruction met the needs of my class and helped them learn how to use Special Collections resources
Strongly Agree Strongly Disagree

2. The Special Collections instructor presented the material in a clear and understandable manner.
Strongly Agree Strongly Disagree

3. The handouts were useful
Strongly Agree Strongly Disagree N/A

4. The Special Collections instructor was organized
Strongly Agree Strongly Disagree

5. The Special Collections instructor showed interest and enthusiasm in my class
Strongly Agree Strongly Disagree

6. The Special Collections instructor encouraged and answered questions
Strongly Agree Strongly Disagree

7. This session was helpful for the research assignment for my class
Strongly Agree Strongly Disagree

8. Please rate the overall value of the Special Collections instruction session

9. Please include any additional comments or suggestions:

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