Joy's Art Gallery

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CA012 Cat-toon, pen & ink, n.d.
CA019 Cat-toon, pen & ink, n.d.
DA056 untitled, oil, n.d.
PA006 untitled "Flamingos," oil, n.d.
PA025 Rhapsody in Rose #4, oil, n.d.
PA026 Rhapsody in Rose #7, oil, n.d.
PA027 untitled "Snowy Egret," oil, 1977
PA028 Restless Tide, Galveston, Texas, oil, 1929
PA029 untitled, watercolor, 1930
PA030 untitled, watercolor, n.d.
PA031 Llamo Co-op, Colony Louisiana, watercolor, 1930
PA032 Palo Verde (desert tree), Phoenix Arizona, watercolor, 1929
PA033 The Shadows, New Iberia Louisiana, watercolor, 1931
PA034 untitled, Blue Lake Louisiana, watercolor, 1930
PA035 Eagle Tail and Harquahala Mountains, Salome Arizona, watercolor, 1929
PA036 Bottomless Lake, near Roswell, New Mexico, watercolor, 1929
PR016 Brown Pelican, pen and ink, n.d.
PR019 Water Turkey, pen and ink, n.d.
PR025 Flamingo, pen & ink, n.d.
PR040 White Ibis, pen & ink, n.d.
SK056 untitled, "dog," pencil, n.d.
SK057 Van Holst, pencil, n.d.
PR042 American Egrets, pen & ink, n.d.
PR069 Flamingos, block print, n.d.
PR070 White Ibis, block print, n.d.
PR076 Yellow-Crowned Night Heron, pen & ink, n.d.
Joy Postle