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Arboretum - 1984

It all began with a greenhouse that was donated in the 1970’s by a Winter Park resident, Mrs. Adrian Stockard. After donation the greenhouse was dismantled by volunteer students and faculty over a two year period. 70% of the original curved glass was saved while replacing steel beams, wood sides, and glass windows. At the time of the establishment of the Arboretum, the Stockard glass greenhouse had slid into disrepair. However, the prospect of the Arboretum spurred interest in renewing the aging greenhouse to becoming the focal point of the Arboretum and being used as the living lab it was meant to be. The arboretum was established by President Trevor Colbourn in 1983, with approximately 12 acres of disturbed pond pine community on the east side of the campus.

In 1988, at President Altman’s direction, the University expanded the Arboretum to include a 5-acre Cypress dome, an oak hammock of about 3 acres and about 15 acres of sand pine and Florida scrub, connected to the original Arboretum by Sabal palmetto community and increasingly rare Florida longleaf pine flatwoods. During this time the director of the Arboretum was Dr. Henry O. Whittier. He would remain director of the Arboretum until his retirement in 2003, when Dr. Whittier was replaced as director by Dr. Martin Quigley. In 2004, Hurricane Charley decimated the pond pine community on the original 12 acres destroying most of the canopy. This area is currently being restored to its original state by the UCF Environmental Initiative & Arboretum. In 2008, the UCF Environmental Initiative was founded to manage the natural lands that are owned by the University of Central Florida, including the UCF Arboretum. Through management techniques, such as prescribed burns, the Environmental Initiative is reintroducing a natural fire schedule to the Pine Flatwoods and Scrub communities throughout campus.

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