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Math & Physics - 1970

In 1970, the Math and Physics Building was first known as the Science Technology Building. This $3.4 million building was created for science and technology in junction with the idea that in the future a computer center would be built nearby. Offices for the department chairmen, 14 classrooms, 32 specialized labs, 51 faculty offices, mechanical and electrical shops, library-reading room, and staff lounges would be available in the Science-Tech Building. Additionally, a 350-seat auditorium and two 108-seat lecture-demonstration rooms would be available for larger classes. Construction for Science-Tech Building began in March 1969 and was finished with construction in October 1970, which concluded the end of the 2nd phase of campus construction from the initial master plan.

The Math and Physics Building is equipped with four different entry points that allow for unique access to the building. Entering from the Health Center and Libra community, students are in between the 1st and 2nd floor with staircases for either direction. Students entering from the Northern part of campus, from the library, can enter on the right into one of the large classrooms on the 2nd floor and on the left they will enter on the 2nd floor for the smaller classrooms. Students coming from the Student Union and Computer Center enter in between floors that provide two staircases to choose a floor.

The middle of the building has a large pendulum that has been in and out of working order since the opening of the building. The Math and Physics Building is one of only two buildings on UCF’s main campus that has a floor underground—the library being the other building. In addition, it is one of three buildings in which students can enter at different levels—the library and Millican Hall are the other two buildings. The departments of Math and Physics currently reside in the Math and Physics Building. Math classes requiring lab hours are held in the first and second floor smaller classrooms. In relation, the Math Lab located on the first floor offers tutoring and other helpful resources for students. The larger auditorium serves as a classroom for several required undergraduate introductory courses, such as chemistry, anthropology, and college algebra.

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