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Reflection Pond - 1968

Located in between Millican Hall and the Library is the well-known Reflection Pond, also referred to as the Reflecting Pond. Construction on the Reflection Pond began around the same time as the Library however the water was not introduced until May 1970, according to a Central Florida Future article. Prior to the 1990s, students could be seen in the reflection pond taking a dip, sometimes even their pets would play in the water. Individuals would play nighttime football games in the Reflection Pond and fraternities would hold gatherings in the water. Over the years, several interesting and somewhat unconventional items have been found in the Reflection Pond; in fact one year three students were found canoeing.

Over the years the Reflection Pond has been drained on various occasions for maintenance and algae. When the Pond was first constructed it consisted of one small spout. However, during the 1990’s maintenance crews recommended that more spouts of water be installed to create circulation and reduce the amount of algae. Finally, in August 1996 the Reflection Pond was drained again and the bottom was painted bright blue over the old gray, in order to make the water look cleaner and provide a color for algae to blend.

In earlier years, the Reflection Pond hosted Commencement. The first university Commencement took place in 1973 and then-President Nixon and his wife joined President Millican and his wife as guest speaker. Secret Service agents decided that the safest place to hold Commencement would be in the Reflection Pond since the library and its roof were prime spots to put agents to protect the President.

UCF legend has it that the Reflection Pond cannot be entered during a non-sanctioned university event. Since 1995, the Reflection Pond has been home to the University of Central Florida’s Homecoming Spirit Splash event. Each year, students rush into the Reflection Pond on the Friday before the Homecoming football game to celebrate. This tradition, started by a Student Government Association student who was accidentally pushed into the Reflection Pond during Homecoming Activities, has made national fame and is ranked as the number one student tradition in Florida according to an article in Florida Leader magazine. In more recent years, the Reflection Pond has been used by students enrolled in Introduction to Engineering as a staging area for their final projects—watercrafts.

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