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Millican Hall - 1968

In November of 1968 bids opened for the construction of the administration building. The following December construction began and approximately two years later was finished. Once completed the temporary accommodations of the administrative offices within the library were moved, allowing the library the space to expand its collections. One year after construction, 1971, the Florida Technological University seal was installed on the front of the administration building. The seal, depicting Pegasus, the winged horse from Greek mythology flying upward towards the stars was the focal point of Florida Technological University. An April 5, 1968 press release states that Pegasus was chosen because it spans the centuries, “It is as old as Asia Minor and as futuristic as tomorrow’s space exploration,” therefore, bridging the gap between the humanities and space technology.

In Greek mythology Pegasus was captured by the hero Bellerephon whom rode the winged horse into battle. After winning Bellerephon tried to fly Pegasus to heaven where he was unseated and killed. Pegasus, however, continued, ever onward and his flight is said to be depicted as constellations in the sky. From Pegasus flight insights the challenge reach for the stars, something the first University President -- Charles Millican, for whom the administration building is named, intended as the University motto. Today, visitors approaching Millican Hall pass a statue of the founding president erected in 2009, paid for by alumni and other donors who named it “Reach for the Stars” to commemorate the motto Charles Millican selected for the university. Charles Millican, considered the father of UCF, was chosen by the Florida Legislature in 1965 to help plan and build Florida Technological University. He began with a budget of $75,000, an office above a drugstore in downtown Orlando and orders to make it happen. In 1998 Millican is quoted as saying “When I thought about all that needed to be done to open by the fall of ’68, it scared the living daylights out of me. A half a minute later, I realized I had to take it step-by-step, day-by-day to put all the pieces together.” Millican turned 1,227 acres of scrub and bushes in East Orlando into a university to train future aerospace engineers and computer programmers. He was the inspiration behind UCF’s bachelor’s degree in computer science, which was a first in the state at the time. When the university opened in 1968 it offered 35 degree programs in five colleges. Today, more than 56,000 students attend 12 colleges at UCF. The Administration building, otherwise known as Millican Hall was at one time home to the offices of the University President, Vice-Presidents, Academic Planning, Public Relations, Business Manager and the President’s Conference Room. Furthermore, the suites for the Deans of the first five colleges and staff, along with 30 classrooms and 50 faculty offices were housed within the Administration building. In addition the building housed the Registrar and Admissions department, Finance and Accounting, procurement, Personnel Services, Physical Plant Divisions, and a special area for the Dean of student affairs and his staff. Currently located in Millican Hall are the offices of academic affairs, administration and finance, cashiers office, Ombuds office, and student development and enrollment services.

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