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Wood sculpture by Ludovic Booz

Wood sculpture of man carrying sack balanced on head. All of Booz's work in the Bryant collection are wood carvings which demonstrate his realistic style. Booz was the first Haitian sculptor to use beeswax to treat wood and is said to sculpt with a brush. Both a painter and a sculptor.

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Cut steel piece by Joseph-Louis Juste

Dancing figure with bird on shoulder and bowl on head, mounted on wood. Signed with full name on arm of figure. Juste joined three brothers in working with metal. They flattened oil drums and pierced them, making holes to form decorative patterns.

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Wood sculpture by Georges LaRatte

Wood sculpture of a woman vodun dancer with a rattle. Carved signature "Laratte" on the bottom. LaRatte was trained in ceramics; however, since 1973, he has primarily worked on stone. Voodoo symbolism has a strong influence on his subject matter.

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Dark stained wood sculpture by T. Didieu.

A figure balanced on a fruit-form vessel with arm raised to the head and leg raised in counter balance; possibly image of La Sirene, a water loa of love.