Dominican Republic

The turbulent and often violent history of the Dominican Republic (formerly known as Santo Domingo) has long kept archeologists from excavating in this spot of the world. However, the remarkable history and art work of the area has been preserved in some small part by the following rare volumes in the Bryant Collection.

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"History of Saint Domingo" map and book. Author: Bryan Edwards. Published in 1797.

A historical survey of the French colony in the island of St. Domingo. Includes a short account of the government, political state, population, productions, and exports.

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Book plate from the "The History of Saint Domingo."

"History of Saint Domingo" book plate showing that the item was once a part of the "Port Elizabeth Public Library, George Owen Smith Collection, 1892."

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Image from "Aboriginal Indian Pottery Of The Dominican Republic." Author: Herbert W. Krieger. Published in 1931.

This page reflects images that are currently housed in the Dominican National Museum. According to the book, the pieces shown here were found in Arawak Cemetary.

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Image from the title page of "Santo Domingo Past And Present With A Glance At Hayti." Author: Samuel Hazard. Published in 1873.

This illustration reflects the chief exports of Santo Domingo, before the colony became the Domincan Republic.