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That first year of classes, choosing a mascot took a backseat as the first Student Government began to organize. After SG Elections were held in March 1969 the student newspaper, FuTUre began to discuss the choice of the mascot. On April 24, 1969 an editorial was entitled, “Are We Doomed to be Citronauts Forever?” and again in October, an editorial warned that the Citronaut might become permanently associated with the University. Vincent the Vulture first appeared in this November 3, 1969 full-page article. Although an official committee had been formed to choose a mascot, the FuTUre staff, “wracked its small, collective brain to find a mascot that would capture the imagination of the student body… A powerful, high-flying bird… A VULTURE… Don’t laugh. Don’t hiss. Think about it.”


the citronaut
The Citronaut
When the first Student Handbook was issued for the 1968-1969 academic year, this image with its orange shape, helmet and T for “Tech” letter sweater was proposed as the University’s mascot. The Orlando Evening Star, September 23, 1968 commented: “it’s fate as a mascot will be determined ultimately by faculty and charter students…”
vincent the vulture
Vincent the Vulture
The ubiquitous vultures that circled the newly cleared land on campus inspired Vincent.  The strong contingent supporting Vincent aggravated administrators but editorials and cartoons in the paper kept Vince before the student body.  This cartoon is from the November 1969 FuTUre.
The Scorpion
One of the concept drawings submitted to President Millican for consideration for FTU mascot.
There were also other recommendations.  Ideas that failed to make the final cut were Mickey Mosquito, Fruit Flies, and Tourists. After much debate and hours of consideration, the Mascot Committee recommended their candidates (no vulture). A vote was held May 11-15, 1970. Knights of Pegasus received 824 of the 1,313 student votes with the Golden Paladins a distant second. The mascot was formally introduced on December 4, 1970 at a basketball game with Patrick Air Force Base – which FTU won 97-95!
Vinny the Vulture - Stuffed
In the Special Collections Reading Room, see a life-like three-dimensional representation of a vulture that lived for many years in the Student Center office of longtime director Jimmy Ferrell before he passed away in 1999. Vice President for University Relations, Dan Holsenbeck, will have a case built to preserve this very unique artifact of UCF history.

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Vincent the Vulture

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