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Introduction Mascots Groundbreaking

The Master Plan approved by the Board of Regents in 1965 was based on the “village concept”.  All buildings and facilities needed by the University for its first 10 year would by centrally located in the core of the campus.

Separate student communities—”villages”; would be located in concentric circles radiating out from the central core.   Each village would contain student housing, an infirmary and physical education recreation areas.  Five villages were planned for the first ten years, each to house about 3,000 students each.

The goal of the village concept was to maintain a small college atmosphere in the larger university setting.  Do you see elements of the UCF Campus today in this first master plan?

Out of necessity, the first buildings being constructed in 1967 were multipurpose, with the Library having classrooms, administrative offices, the bookstore, the computer room and even a weight room!

UCF began to earn its nickname “Under Construction Forever” as construction proceeded at a rapid pace during the University’s early years.

Aerial Maps 1966-1999

 aerial map 1966
 N Aerial Map UCF Campus 1966

aerial map 1967
 NAerial Map UCF Campus 1967

 aerial map 1978
 NAerial Map UCF Campus 1978

aerial map 1987
 NAerial Map UCF Campus 1987

aerial map 1994
 NAerial Map UCF Campus 1994

aerial map 1999
 NAerial Map UCF Campus 1999

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