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Now on Exhibit!

Caribbean Expressions Art, Life & Culture

This Exhibition features art from the William L. Bryant Collection, the Richard H. Shoemaker Collection, the Latin American Collection and the General Library Collection all on loan from UCF Special Collections as well as works from the private collection of renowned artist, Edouard Duval Carrié.

Celebrating 50 Years

To celebrate the University of Central Florida's 50th Anniversary, this exhibit highlights many university "first" and explores the history of various departments, faculty, staff, and students who have contributed to the growth and excellence of the university and greater community.

Special Collections Exhibits

Archives Month Florida

The Society of Florida Archivists, in conjunction with the Society of American Archivists, celebrates October as American Archives Month.

WOMEN African American Legacy: The Carol Mundy Collection

Featuring photographs from African American Legacy: The Carol Mundy Collection, this exhibit showcases one hundred years of the lives of women; from the 1850s to the 1950s.

We invite you experience the history of the African American woman through the eyes of the camera.

2012 UCF Student Book Arts Competition Exhibit

This exhibit features all eight entries submitted to this year’s competition. We are pleased to announce our winner, “Book Worms” by Chris Ware, with this exhibit and celebrate the hard work of all the participants. This year’s winner was selected with scores from our four judges: Jean Gould, Ke Francis, Bea Nettles, and Whitney Broadaway.

Florida - The Land Of Enchantment

We are pleased to present our new exhibit from Special Collections which features items from the Floridiana, Mickler, and Ephemera Collections. This exhibit chronicles Florida’s history from the 1850s through the 1950s, and highlights the individuals who came to settle and vacation in Florida. This history is seen through travel journals, diaries, correspondence, and travel brochures.

Bryant Materials - Now on Your Computer Screen!

Each year, materials from the William L. Bryant West Indies Collection are displayed on the 2nd floor of the library. Due to construction this summer, Special Collections & University Archives will instead host a virtual exhibit showcasing archeological artifacts, books and art from the collection. 'Stop in' at the new exhibit site and see what this exciting collection has to offer!

Mulford Foster: from images in the Michael A. Spencer Bromeliad Research Collection

Mulford Foster (1888-1978) was a respected plant collector and artist who gathered, hybridized and worked with plant life, specifically bromeliads. Through his world travels with his second wife, Racine, the Foster's were credited with discovering several new bromeliad species. Mulford used his creative talents to document both his beloved plants and the world around him. Racine eventually had Mulford's artistic work photographed to document his legacy. The images in this web exhibit are largely the result of those efforts.

The Children's Home Society of Florida

Any child who was adopted in the state of Florida in the twentieth century likely had a connection to the CHSFL. While the state organization was created to serve the poor, neglected, and abandoned children in Florida, the society became the leading advocate for child rights in the nation. Few know of the remarkable advances this society made for children in addition to the stories of many thousands of children who were placed with loving families. The society was the only recognized organization to handle adoptions in the state of Florida before the Department of Children and Families took over in the early 1970s. Without these documents, one might never have had the chance to fully know the many achievements of the CHSFL.

Joy Postle, Florida Nature Artist

Joy Postle was an artist best known for her murals and paintings of Florida wildlife, especially birds. This gallery contains examples of her work in a variety of media. Here may be found selected pen and ink drawings, watercolors, and oil paintings.

Love, Faith, and Myth: Illumniated Manuscript Facsimiles in the UCF Libraries

The exhibit showcases illuminated manuscripts facsimiles owned by the UCF Libraries. These manuscripts with text are supplemented by the addition of decoration or illustration, such as decorated initials, miniatures and borders. The exhibit covers three major categories reflecting medieval life, Love/Honor, Faith/Devotion and Fantasy/Myth. View the exhibit on the fifth floor by the Special Collections and University Archives front door.

The William J. Bryant West Indies Collection.
The Legacy of the Spirit Virtual Exhibit

The Caribbean: Legacy of the Spiritbrings the Bryant West Indies Collection into the digital age. A virtual exhibit provides an ideal setting to showcase and make available the rich resources the collection holds for the study of the region.

Legacy of the Spirit

The culture and customs of the Caribbean, with a focus on Haiti are being showcased in several exhibits at the University of Central Florida Library Special Collection Department. Exhibits are drawn from the Bryant West Indies Collection, a scholarly collection of over 1,700 books and periodicals on the history, geography, economy and social life of the West Indies. The collection includes paintings, graphics, sculptures, sound recordings and anthropological artifacts.

Zines: UCF Art Students' Self-Publications

Zines are non-commercial, small circulation “Do It Yourself” (DIY) magazines. They provide the public with a space for open discussion on issues of importance to our democracy. UCF students in Theory and Criticism in the Visual Arts and Aesthetics have engaged in making zines about a topic of interest to them. In doing so, they become zinsters, engaged in the act of developing and inexpensively distributing ideas and social critiques through images and text. These publications can be chaotic, disturbing, uncomfortable, sensual, complex, loud, and confrontational.

Our Island Homes: Paintings from the Bryant West Indies Collection

The paintings on exhibit in Our Island Homes illustrate the typical dwelling found in the West Indies. The vernacular style homes include Chattel , Cunucu and Shotgun styles. The materials and techniques of these structures blend native, European and African architectural styles, reflecting the heritage of the islanders. For artists in the West Indies, these homes have provided inspiration and appear often in their artwork.

Leonardo Nierman, Selected Works at UCF

Through the patronage of several generous donors and Nierman himself, the UCF Library has acquired a noted collection of Nierman pieces. The Library is especially proud of the broad range of the collection, showcasing Nierman's talents in different media including fiber arts, stained glass, bronze sculpture and painting.

Summer Showcase: Art, Dance, Music, and Theatre

On display are items from the Iva Kitchell Webster Papers, Music Collection, Albin Polasek Papers, William J. Bryant Foundation West Indies Collection, and UCF Art Department and Theatre archives.

The Iva Kitchell Webster Papers consist of newspaper clippings, photographs and performance programs of Kitchell's successful career as a dance satirist. Papers and photographs of the internationally known sculptor Albin Polasek are also on display. The Music Collection consists of nineteenth and early twentieth century vocal scores, primarily operas by noted composers, believed to have been the personal collection of soprano Anne Roselle. Madame Roselle was a noted opera and concert singer who toured throughout Europe and the United States.

Summer Showcase: Selections from the Mickler, Cary Hand, and Ben White Raceway Collections

A companion exhibit to Summer Showcase: Art, Dance, Music and Theatre is located in display cases outside the Special Collections & University Archives. Showcasing local history collections from the department, the display includes items from the Ben White Raceway Papers, Carey Hand Funeral Home Collection, and Thomas and Georgine Mickler Collection are on display.

The Walter and Dorothy B. Donnelly Collection

Walter Donnelly and Dorothy Boillotat Donnelly collected thousands of fine books between 1920-1994, for their family library at 612 Lawrence Street, Ann Arbor, Michigan. Walter (1900-1981) was Editor of the University of Michigan Press when he retired in 1970. Dorothy (1903-1994) was an award-winning poet. Their three sons, Jerome, Stephen, and Denis, gave almost 5,000 items from their parents' wonderful collection to the University of Central Florida Library in early 1999. The collection shows the Donnellys' far-reaching interests, primarily in the humanities. Most of the books were added to the Library's general circulating collection, and many rare and unique items were designated for the Special Collections & University Archives.

The Carey Hand Funeral Home

The Carey Hand Funeral Home Collection

During the first half first half of the twentieth century, the Carey Hand Funeral Home was the largest in Central Florida, serving a five-county area, including Orange, Seminole, Osceola, Polk and Hillsborough. It was the first funeral home in Florida to have a chapel, and housed the first crematorium built south of Cincinnati and Washington, DC, serving most of the southeastern states. The collection includes Undertaker's Memoranda, Funeral Registers, Cremation Records, records for the Palm and Greenwood Cemeteries, as well as other materials relating to the operations of the Orlando mortuary business.

University Archives

Historical Tour of UCF Buildings

Established in 1963, Florida Technological University, now the University of Central Florida, has undergone significant growth and expansion. As part of our efforts to preserve the historical record of UCF, we have created a tour of campus buildings that includes images and descriptions of their original purpose and subsequent incarnations. In regard to the unique design of our campus, the 2010-2020 Campus Master Plan Update states the following:

The inherent symbolic content of the campus plan should not be ignored. The rings of the Academic Core carry astronomical and astrological names. The helix shaped roadway which was to circumnavigate the core is symbolic of the basic structure of life, the double helix. All of the roadways are named after constellations. The apses of the roadways were to contain “academic villages” that were directly connected to the core, which in turn contained all of the major academic buildings. It could be argued that the original campus plan represents an encapsulated universe.

The Historical Tour of UCF Campus Buildings is an ongoing exhibit and will be updated periodically. Please visit us again in the future to see our new additions.

Fifty Years of Photos

University Archives has contributed facts and imagery to the "UCF50" website created by the fantastic team at UCF Marketing. Please enjoy a visual tour of our university's history!

Remembering our first 'First Lady', Frances Hilliard Millican

On December 28th, 2009 the UCF community lost its matriarch, Frances Hilliard Millican. More than just the wife of Florida Technological University’s founding president, Mrs. Millican was a driving force in the creation and development of what is now known as the University of Central Florida. These images give a glimpse into the life of a woman who was a devoted wife, dear friend, founder, supporter and silent champion for a university who will be forever grateful and will deeply miss her.

Knights To Remember: Dynamic Narrative Archive

Knights to Remember is a new, interactive site for the alumni of FTU/UCF. Click on the image at the left and enter this 'Dynamic Narrative Archive' where you can explore various University archive material, share the story of your time at FTU/UCF, learn how you can research the University Archives and help the archives grow by donating to the UCF Libraries. As the site is still in the early stages of development, only limited materials related to the FTU/UCF Theatre Department are currently available.

University Archives

Using materials from the University Archives, this exhibition displays the history and accomplishments of the University of Central Florida from its foundation in 1963 to the present and looks to the University’s future growth. To preserve institutional memories, the University Archives collects records, photographs, documents and memorabilia about the history and traditions of the university. The University Archives is housed with the Special Collections on the 5th floor of the Library, room 501.

From Promise to Prominence, Celebrating 40 Years

Throughout the months of September and October 2003, the UCF Library celebrated UCF’s 40th Anniversary with a series of exhibits located on the Library’s main floor and in the Special Collections & University Archives. Exhibits highlighted University “firsts” and the history of various departments, faculty, staff and students contributing to UCF’s growth and progress. The main exhibit, Promise to Prominence, Celebrating 40 Years: The Changing Face of the University of Central Florida examined the phenomenal growth and change of the university campus throughout the last forty years and ended with a look at where the University is headed in the near future.

FTU Art at the Olympics

The Art Department of Florida Technological University (FTU, now the University of Central Florida) was the only United States University Art Department chosen to officially participate in the 1972 Olympic Games. Held in Munich, Germany, from August 26 to September 10, 1972, the FTU art faculty led by Walter Gaudnek were commissioned to create giant symbolic sails and sculptural elements on primitive boats or floats as part of a two week art marathon ritual. The works were built and painted in full view of the public and sailed across the Olympic Lake in the Olympic Park.

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