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The University of Central Florida Special Collections Manuscript collections contain unique and original personal papers and organizational papers that document local history, Florida history, University of Central Florida groups, travel and tourism, and many other topics.

Please be aware that collections must be used in the Special Collections reading room and due to the nature of original sources, may take extra time to research. All materials have a guide with information on the contents of the collection. Some are available online, while others are available for use in the Library. For use of collections with the note UNPROCESSED COLLECTION, please contact Special Collections before visiting at 407-823-2576 or

Guides to manuscript and records collections held by the UCF Special Collections and University Archives may be viewed and searched on the statewide database Archives Florida.


Archival Collection of Dr. Henry H. Nehrling from the Collection of Michael D. Kahn, 1855-1934   2 boxes, 1.5 linear feet

These materials were in the possession of Betty Pooler Mitchell Nehrling, Henry Nehrling's second wife. Dr. Henry Nehrling was a horticulturist famous for his gardens in Gotha and Naples, Florida. The collection consists of letters, documents, photographs, postcards and monographs which provides insight into the familial and financial affairs of the Nehrling Gardens. It also offers a look at Henry Nehrling during the tumultuous years of Florida's boom and bust, and a glimpse of his failing physical and mental state while he sought refuge in a quiet communal colony in Southwest Florida.

African American Legacy: The Carol Mundy Collection, 1794-2010   24 boxes, 60 flat files, 19.5 linear feet

Collected by Carol Mundy, this collection contains over 1,500 items relating to African American history. The collection includes books, manuscripts, sheet music, pamphlets, journals, newspapers, broadsides, posters, photographs and rare ephemera which all speak to the black experience. While the collection is comprehensive both nationally and internationally, the collection does contain materials that relates to local African American history.

Christian Bauer Collection on the Orange County Big Box Store Task Force, 2006-2007   1 box, 0.5 linear feet

Christian Bauer is a University of Central Florida Professor who was on the Task Force that wrote numerous ordinances to regulate Big Box Stores. He collected meeting minutes and newspaper clippings that documented the work of the Task Force.

Ben White Raceway Papers, 1947-1978   1 box, 0.5 linear feet

Ben White Raceway was the largest training facility and winter home for champion racehorses, located on a 120- acre tract in Fairview Park, near downtown Orlando, Florida, the raceway was owned and maintained by the City of Orlando. The papers include historical background, correspondence, photographs, newspaper clippings, and directories of the many champion horses that trained at the facility throughout its 30 year existence.

Book Arts Collection

A resource collection of books, or book-like objects, created by artists as works of art. Also includes examples of fine press books, periodicals, and other books related to bookbinding, papermaking, calligraphy, typography, and printing.

Book Arts Ephemera Collection, 1993-2007   1 box, 0.75 linear feet

The Book Arts Ephemera Collection is comprised of various materials related to the book arts community. Items from publishers, art exhibits, and persons involved with book arts are included.

The Bromeliad Society International (BSI) Archive, 1942-2009   4 boxes, 27 posters, 3 linear feet

The Bromeliad Society International (BSI) Archive consists of historical material, including photographs related to cultivation of bromeliads; field notes related to the collection of bromeliads in the wild; list of plant entries in judged bromeliad shows; incoming and outgoing correspondence from early bromeliad growers; biographies; administrative records of the BSI such as, copyright registrations, copies of meeting minutes, annual reports, and bylaws; BSI publications; and ephemera, including posters and pins.

The purposes of the Bromeliad Society International (BSI) are to promote and maintain public and scientific interest in the research, development, preservation, and distribution of bromeliads, both natural and hybrid, throughout the world.

William L. Bryant West Indies Collection

A scholarly collection of over 1,800 books and periodicals on the history, geography, economy, and social life of the West Indies and the Caribbean area. The collection also includes paintings, graphics, sculptures, maps, sound recordings, and anthropological artifacts. Books and periodicals may be found in the Library catalog by searching the series: William L. Bryant Foundation West Indies collection.

Bryant Archaeological Artifacts Collection, 1956-1964   15 boxes, 15 linear feet

William J. Bryant was interested in archaeology and collected these pottery pieces, bones, stone tools and shells from sites in Florida, the Virgin Islands and the West Indies.

Bryant Audio Collection, Circa 1940-1970   2 boxes, 2.5 linear feet

The Bryant West Indies Audio Collection contains vinyl record albums and audio cassette tapes, all containing various genres of music from the Caribbean Islands. These records and cassettes were purchased or collected on trips sponsored by the William L. Bryant Foundation.

Bryant Slide Collection, Circa 1940-1981   1 box, 1.25 linear feet

The Bryant Slide Collection, c. 1940-1981, contains 35mm slides of various islands in the Caribbean as well as Florida and Venezuela. The slides were taken on collecting trips sponsored by the William L. Bryant Foundation, where books, music and art indigenous to the regions were gathered. They are organized by geographical location. The content of the slides vary and include landscapes, religion, houses, people and everyday life.

Bryant West Indies British Parliamentary Acts Collection, 1712-1873   2 boxes, 1 linear foot

This collection represents a sample of British Parliamentary Acts regarding the British West Indies. The West Indies were colonized by Great Britain beginning in the early seventeenth century, over one hundred years after their initial discovery by Columbus in 1492. The islands were crucial to the triangular trade that developed between Europe, Africa and the British colonies of North America and the Caribbean, especially regarding the exportation of raw materials like sugar. Therefore, the Acts in the collection often address issues of trade, both between the islands and between the islands and Great Britain.

Bryant West Indies Ephemera Collection, 1882-1996   1 box, 1 flat file, 1 linear foot

This collection of tourism brochures, pamphlets and newspaper clippings documents the islands of the West Indies. The collection encompasses the Greater and Lesser Antilles, as well as the islands and nations of South America, and includes Cuba, Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago and Surinam.

Carey-Hand Funeral Home Records, 1891-1955   9 boxes, 22 linear feet

During the first half first half of the twentieth century, the Carey Hand Funeral Home was the largest in Central Florida, the first funeral home in Florida to have a chapel, and housed the first crematorium built south of Cincinnati and Washington, DC. Records include Undertaker’s Memoranda for June 1891 – December 1946, Funeral Registers for January 1919 – December 1952, Cremation Records for 1926 – 1949, records for the Palm and Greenwood Cemeteries circa 1900-1944, and Veteran’s and Orlando Air Base Records January for 1938 – March 1952, as well as other materials relating to the operations of the Orlando mortuary business. For information on using these records for genealogical research, please contact Special Collections.

William D. Chapman, 1865, 1975; 1 box, 0.5 linear feet

William D. Chapman, University of Central Florida's first registrar, recovered relic Civil War artillery in Citronelle, Alabama and donated the artifacts to Special Collections & University Archives in 2005. Collection includes four Confederate Grape Shot, a Minié Ball, and a wooden stand with plaque.

Children’s Home Society of Florida Collection, 1886-2000   44 boxes, 8 books, 16 flat files, 54 linear feet

The Children’s Home Society of Florida Collection contains organizational papers and ephemera that document the creation and operations of Florida’s oldest non-profit adoption agency. The collection includes organizational papers from its state and local divisions, photographs, news clippings, audio and visual media, scrapbooks, and blueprints of the many receiving homes in the state, but does not contain adoption records. Adoption records remain at the CHSFL Adoption Archive and are available by contacting the society directly.

James C. Clark Research Papers, 1937-1996   2 boxes, 1.5 linear feet

The collection consists of photocopies and printouts of government documents from FBI files, state and county court records, and electronic databases dating from approximately 1930 to 1990. The materials deal mainly with racism in Central Florida, the activities of the Ku Klux Klan in Orange Country, the death of Harry T. Moore, and the political career of Claude Denson Pepper. The files were collected by Dr. James C. Clark, who wrote a series of articles for the Orlando Sentinel based on the collected documents.

Cultural Byways Project Collection, 2002   1 box, 0.5 linear feet

Research files for the Cultural Byways grant in Central Florida. Included in these materials are photographic negatives, oral histories, consent forms, building surveys, and grant information for the project.

Cultural Heritage Alliance Collection, 2002-2006   1 box, 0.2 linear feet

Reports, programs and interviews by students showing the work undertaken by the Cultural Heritage Alliance.

Democratic Women's Club of Florida Inc. Collection, 1957-2006   11 boxes, 3 scrapbooks, 11.5 linear feet

Scrapbooks and records document the activities and achievements of the Democratic Women's Club of Florida. The organization oversees local clubs throughout the state and is a member of the National Federation of Democratic Women.

Disney Ephemera Collection, 1971-2009   3 boxes, 3 linear feet

The Disney Ephemera Collection is a collection of reports, brochures, memorabilia, articles and news clippings about Disney Enterprises and the Walt Disney World Resort in Central Florida. The collection contains materials related to the different locations within the resort complex, including information about the Disney parks, resorts and other attractions. Publications in the collection were produced by both the Disney Corporation and outside sources.

Disney World Land Purchase/RCID Collection   4 boxes, 4 plats, 3 rolls of maps, 5 linear feet

This collection was acquired from Robert P. Foster who worked with Walt Disney as an attorney responsible for land purchases, in the early stages of Walt Disney World Development. The collection consists of: Foster’s unpublished manuscript The Founding of a Kingdom, which chronicles and describes the selection process of the site, purchase of the land for Walt Disney World (WDW), and creation of the Reedy Creek Improvement District (RCID) that encompasses the property; four books of tax assessor’s plats for Orange, Osceola, Polk, and Seminole Counties, in Florida used to identify and evaluate alternative WDW sites as explained in the manuscript; original Geological Survey maps, work documents, photographs of WDW site and construction; newspaper articles, magazines and periodicals; feasibility studies; miscellaneous Disney Company news releases; and, two books which include names, biographies, and positions of legislative and governmental personnel identified in the manuscript as parties who played significant roles in the formation of RCID and WDW. The entire collection is open for research.

John L. Ducker Collection, 1944-2002   3 boxes, 5 linear feet

The collection consists of personal papers and memorabilia of Republican Legislator, John L. Ducker, who served in Florida during the 1960s and 1970s. He was a member of the Florida legislature, senate and house. He was one of the sponsors of the legislation establishing FTU what is now UCF. The archive consists of files relating to bills and correspondence created during his service. Collection also includes scrapbooks, photographs, certificates, news clippings, published materials and pamphlets. The entire collection is open for research.

Walter and Dorothy Donnelly Family Collection, 1887-1976   1 box, 0.75 linear feet

The collection includes works in world literature, art, book arts, and travel, and approximately 180 items from the collection are housed in Special Collections. The other 4,000 titles in the collection have been added to the Library's general collection.

Duerr, Howard J. Papers, 1911-1978   8 boxes, 9.375 linear feet

Collector of horror, fantasy, and adventure literature, Duerr donated the Special Collections Horror and Fantasy Book Collection. The Duerr papers include correspondence with genre authors and a collection of amateur journals, where fans self published zines, duplicating and sharing their own horror fantasy genre writing.


Educator's Oral History Collection, 1997-2002   13 boxes, 5.6 linear feet

The collection contains oral history interviews with former and current educators primarily in the Central Florida area, recorded on audiocassettes or videotaped. In the interviews, the educators discuss their experiences in the education profession and their views on school vouchers, curriculum, and integration, among other topics. Interviews were conducted by graduate students in the College of Education as part of a class assignment for the educational studies graduate program. All interviews include a signed release form. Many of the interviews also include an interview summary and/or partial transcript of the interview.

Beatrice B. Ettinger Papers, 1964-1998   6 boxes, 5.3 linear feet

The Beatrice B. Ettinger Papers contain correspondence, leaflets, posters, minutes and reports that show women's position in society in the 1970s and 1980s. Continuing Education is the focus of these papers since Ettinger accumulated many of the materials between 1970 and 1992 when she was President of the Council for Continuing Education for Women. This organization established a Center that was based first at Valencia Community College and later at the University of Central Florida. Ettinger also collected documents concerning other organizations in which she was interested that fostered women’s intellectual and political growth, such as, the Central Florida Women's Resource Center Inc. and the League of Women Voters. Additional materials provide some personal information about Mrs. Ettinger.

Rose Feinman Papers, 1986-1996   3 boxes, 3 linear feet

Rose Feinman was an actress and comedienne who only began performing professionally in her 70s. She retired to Orlando from New York. This collection of news clippings, photographs, scripts, programs and audio and video cassette tapes shows her at work and how she refined her act.

Faculty and Alumni Manuscripts, 1972-2001   2 boxes, 2 linear feet

The University of Central Florida Faculty and Alumni Manuscripts Collection features original manuscript materials for several UCF affiliated writers. Many of the writers presented here are retired history professors of UCF. In some cases, these professors have provided their research notes in addition to their manuscripts. Other writers are UCF alumni who are still professionals in the Central Florida community.

Florida Ephemera Collection, 1841-2007   10 boxes, 12.25 linear feet

The Florida Ephemera Collection is a collection of brochures, advertisements and news clippings documenting the history of Florida. Although the collection includes information about Florida as a whole, it focuses on the Central Florida area, and Orlando in particular. The collection contains information about most aspects of life in Florida including business and industry, real estate and development, tourism and wildlife.

Florida Folklife Program Collection, 1984-2004   2 boxes, 1.4 linear feet

Research files for the Florida Folklife Program. These materials include city surveys, oral histories and photographs.

Florida Folklore Society Records, 1981-2006   2 boxes, 2 linear feet

The collection contains newsletters, documents, and records of the Florida Folklore Society, currently based at UCF's Cultural Heritage Alliance in the School of Film and Digital Media.

Florida Free Highway Association Papers, 1947-1953   1 box, 0.25 linear feet

The Florida Free Highway Association Papers contains organizational information that documents the mission and goals of this anti-toll road association. The collection includes a mission statement, association goals, correspondence, press releases and a member's directory.

Florida Image Collection, 1898-1986   3 boxes, 1.65 linear feet

The images document all aspects of Central Florida history including prominent people and families, places around Florida, Florida wildlife and plants, as well as, images from the Kennedy Space Center and Disney. The majority of the collection dates from 1900-1960. The collection consists of primarily photographic images, both black and white as well as color. There is also a sizeable number of postcards in the collection.

Florida Lifestyle Radio, 1997-1999   1 box, 0.5 linear feet

This small collection consists of thirteen audio cassette tapes of several programs aired between 1997 and 1999. They cover issues and subjects aimed at older people living in Florida. Most programs had a special guest who discussed a particular topic in depth with Reagan Smith and E. Bentley Lipscomb.

Florida State Music Teachers Association Collection, 1934-2013   6 boxes, 5.5 linear feet

The collection of the Florida State Music Teachers Association is comprised of records from their meetings dating as far back as 1935. There are the minutes, agendas, newsletters and scores. It also has the bylaws and procedures, annual bulletin reports and a few other small folders comprised of annual correspondence.

Lou Frey Papers, 1947-2006   34 boxes, 28.5 linear feet

These papers include correspondence, photographs, campaign materials, articles, minutes, printed government documents, framed materials, video cassette tapes and artifacts that document Lou Frey’s life of public service. In the 1960s, he served the Orange County Young Republicans in several capacities and finally as President of the organization. Florida's Republican Party benefitted from his expertise as General Counsel of the Florida Federation of Young Republicans and Treasurer of the Republican Party in Florida. Frey served ten years as a Congressional Representative for Central Florida from 1969-1979, which includes the time of the Watergate scandal. During his tenure, he served on the House Interstate and Foreign Commerce Committee, House Science and Technology Committee, the Republican Committee on Committees and the Republican Research Committee. Since then, Frey has served on the Florida Energy Commission and the Millennial Housing Commission. His membership of the Association of Former Members of Congress has taken him on fact-finding missions to other countries, and he initiated a project that created a book entitled Inside the House: Former Members Reveal How Congress Really Works. Frey founded the Lou Frey Institute of Politics and Government at the University of Central Florida.

Walter Gaudnek Collection, 1945-2009   7 boxes, 6 portfolios, 13 flat files, 7.25 linear feet

The collection consists of catalogs and brochures from exhibitions in the United States and Germany bound in volumes documenting Gaudnek’s long career as an artist in Central Florida. Several of Gaudnek’s paintings are on permanent display in the Library.

J. Paul Hartman Slide Collection, 1605-2006   2 boxes, 1.75 linear feet

John P. Hartman collection includes his research materials relating to canals, bridges, railways, transportation systems and historical engineering in Florida. Entire collection range from 1605 to 2006, but are concentrated in the era when population in Florida exploded between 1905 and 1993. The collection includes clippings, correspondence, maps, pamphlets, papers and over 1,200 slides related to Florida.

Phyllis J. Hudson Political Papers, 1966-2006   5 boxes, 5 linear feet

These materials were accumulated by Phyllis J. Hudson when she was active in issues concerning women and labor. In correspondence, bibliographies, leaflets, newsletters and memorabilia, this collection documents women's concerns in employment, the Equal Rights Amendment, education, reproduction, domestic violence and women's rights. Similar materials show how organizations worked to overcome social problems, such as, homelessness and an inadequate mass transit system. Most of the labor materials concern librarians, but one folder of newsletters and correspondence documents industrial action by the United Farm Workers.

Zora Neale Hurston Festival Collected Materials, 1989-2008   2 boxes, 0.6 linear feet

The collection contains documents related to the festival bearing the name of the late poet, writer, anthropologist, and folklorist Zora Neale Hurston. Since 1990, the Zora Neale Hurston Festival has attracted individuals from across the country in academic and artistic disciplines wishing to celebrate Zora Neale Hurston and African American culture as a whole. The following folders contain the programs from festival years 1990-1994 and 1999-2001.In addition to its annual festival, the Association to Preserve Eatonville, Inc. has expanded its focus and community activities to inform and celebrate the life and work of Zora Neale Hurston and Eatonville.


Bob Kealing Kerouac Research Collection, 1958-2008   1 box, 0.75 linear feet

The Bob Kealing Kerouac Research Collection contains documents and research notes related to Kealing's book Kerouac in Florida: Where the Road Ends, book drafts, legal documents, articles written by Kealing, articles related to the Kerouac House, and other materials regarding the Writer in Residence Program.

Bob Kealing Tupperware Collection, 1940-2006   3 boxes, 1.25 linear feet

The Bob Kealing Tupperware Collection contains interviews, news clippings, letters, legal documents, photographs, audio tapes, and research notes related to Kealing's book Tuppwerware, Unsealed: Brownie Wise, Earl Tupper, and the Home Party Pioneers. The book may be found in the Online Catalog by clicking here.

Susan King Papers and Library

Artists' Book, Book Art, Fine Press, and Reference Book Collection and papers of writer, printer, teacher, publisher, and book artist Susan King.

Iva Kitchell-Webster Papers 1947-1984   1 box, 0.25 linear feet

Though she lived her life creating satire, this collection of papers show the very real life of artist, satirist, and dancer Iva Kitchell-Webster. Correspondence, performance programs, photographs, and news clippings highlight the life and career of Kitchell-Webster who created her dance career upon her ability to satire popular dances of the day. Kitchell-Webster relocated to Flagler Beach, Florida with her husband, painter and aeronautical engineer Stokely Webster only one year before her death in 1984.

Doris Leeper Papers, 1951-1999   2 boxes, 27 scrapbooks, 91 exhibition catalogs, 8 linear feet

Doris “Doc” Leeper was a renowned Florida artist and environmental activist. Papers consists of exhibition catalogs as well as scrapbooks created by the artist containing newspaper clippings, correspondence and other information documenting the life, work and environmental activities. The scrapbooks cover the years 1951-1999 and roughly coincide with the years the artist spent living in New Smyrna Beach. The exhibit catalogs are from exhibitions of the artist’s works throughout Florida and the Southeast from approximately 1964 to 1997.

Stephen Danks Lodwick Papers, 1964-2002   6 boxes, 5.5 linear feet

This collection contains the personal and professional papers of Stephen Danks Lodwick, a theme park ride designer. Original artwork and ride concept designs for parks such as Islands of Adventure, Universal Studios, and the Paramount Parks can be found here as well as a collection of Disney publications and art books Lodwick collected when he worked on interactive areas for various Disney theme parks. Also included are publications, maps, and memorabilia that Lodwick collected pertaining to the famous highway, Route 66.

Sol & Sadie Malkoff Papers, 1939-1999   10 boxes, 7 linear feet

The collection, assembled over 60 years by graphic artist Sol Malkoff, demonstrates the principles of good calligraphy, typography, graphic design, and book design. Includes correspondence, photographs, research, and collected materials including over a hundred typography and font specimens.

Dr. John McMillon Correspondence, 1929-1935   1 box, 0.4 linear feet

Dr. John McMillon was a doctor living in De Leon Springs in the early 1030's. His correspondence shows the extent of his practice and the amount of diagnosis apparently carried out by letter rather than in person.

Thomas & Georgine Mickler Estate Collection

Thomas and Georgine Mickler ran a small publishing company, Mickler House, and a thriving mail-order business, Mickler’s Antiquarian Books, out of their Chuluota home for almost 40 years. The Mickler Estate Collection includes materials related to the history of Florida books, maps, diaries, letters, sermons, photographs, newspaper clippings, deeds, legal documents, pictorial works, albums, postcards, booklets, brochures and pamphlets.

Manuscript materials from the Mickler Estate were divided into collections by format. Collected Ephemera forms the basis of the Florida Ephemera collection. Photographs and Post Cards form the basis of the Florida Image Collection. Diaries, Sermons, and Maps each have their own guides. Please contact Special Collections for inventories and more information.

Thomas & Georgine Mickler Collection of Arnold, Bennett, and Tanner Family Diaries, 1899-1974   2 boxes, 2 linear feet

The majority of over 100 diaries in this collection are from Seth J. Arnold and Edwin Arnold, who were residents of the Orlando area. The earliest diary dates from 1899, with the most current dating from 1974. A few items that consist of single pages or excerpts from diaries or journals not contained in the collection are to be found in the Florida Ephemera. Additional diaries have been individually catalogued and shelved in the Mickler Book Collection. These can be searched using the Online Catalog.

Thomas & Georgine Mickler Sermon Collection, 1880-1933   3 boxes, 3 linear feet

A collection of over 200 sermons, eulogies, speeches, addresses, orations and correspondence dating from the late 19th and early 20th Century. The sermons are possibly all the work of one person, Congregationalist Reverend George Loring Hanscom.

Thomas & Georgine Mickler Map Collection, 1735-1995   1 box, 5 flat files, 7.5 linear feet

The Thomas and Georgine Mickler Map Collection is a collection of various kinds of maps, including general atlas maps, road maps, topographical land maps, charts and political maps. While the collection mostly consists of maps of Florida, the Southeastern United States and the West Indies/Caribbean, there are also maps of other areas such as Egypt, France and Costa Rica.

George and Anne Millay Collection, 1959-2006   21 boxes, 7 flat files, 8 framed items, 20.25 linear feet

The Father of the Waterpark, George Millay founded both SeaWorld and Wet 'n Wild. He and his wife Anne collected correspondence, reports, shareholder information, marketing materials, planning documents, memorabilia and framed items about SeaWorld and Wet 'n Wild.


NASA Ephemera Collection, 1969-2006   5 boxes, 3.25 linear feet

This collection contains a wide variety of NASA memorabilia including pictures, patches, pins and stickers; ranging from 1969 to 2005. Also included are a number of mission charts, a wide range of crew photos and an assortment of space news publications including the Lockheed Horizons, The Rockwell News, Space News Roundup, Space Port News and Star Gazer. Of significant interest is the collection of photos (several signed) and memorabilia from the ill-fated 1986 Challenger mission Space Transportation System (STS) 51L.

NASA Photographs Collection, 1974-2001   18 boxes, 22.5 linear Feet

The black and white and color photographs in this collection document selected projects undertaken by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration between 1974 and 2001. Skylab, Apollo/Soyuz, and Space Shuttle missions are included.

Henry Nehrling Papers, 1886-1970   5 boxes, 3.25 linear feet

Henry Nehrling was a horticulturist famous for his gardens in Gotha and Naples, Florida. These papers are primarily manuscripts of his articles in the American Eagle and other writings about plants. They include a few news clippings, plant lists, correspondence and other documentation of a business and personal nature.

Old Florida Structures Photographs Collection, 1971-2002   4 flat files, 1.75 linear feet

Richard Spencer was a professional photographer whose work has been displayed in newspapers, magazines and exhibits. This collection contains his photographs of old structures in Florida.

Archimedes L. A. Patti Research Papers, 1922-1993   24 boxes, 3 flat files, 19.25 linear feet

This collection contains the research materials collected by Archimedes L. A. Patti for use in his historical writings. Known for his military career, his work in the Office of Strategic Services (OSS) and his relationship with Ho Chi Minh, Patti was recognized later in life as a respected researcher and historian on Indochina affairs. Notes, manuscripts, ephemera, photographs, maps, books and scrapbooks are held in this collection. Of important note are photographs given to Patti by Ho Chi Minh in 1945.

Albin Polasek Collection, 1897-2004   9 boxes, 3.75 linear feet

The Collection includes materials on the life and work of the Czech sculptor and Winter Park resident Albin Polasek. The collection contains four photographic scrapbooks made by the artist, correspondence, business records, certificates and speeches, photographs, pamphlets, programs and invitations, and news clippings.

Joy Postle Papers, 1912-2006   9 boxes, 6 linear feet

The materials contain papers and photographs documenting Joy Postle’s life and work. Postle was an artist best known for her murals and paintings of Florida wildlife, especially birds. Her papers include newspaper clippings, a scrapbook, some correspondence and many photographs. Most of the collection is devoted to her art in all its forms and photographs that she used for inspiration.

Harrison "Buzz" Price Papers, 1952-2006   139 boxes, 136.25 linear feet

Harrison "Buzz" Price was an economics consultant for the attractions and themed entertainment business. He began his career by assisting with the placement of Disneyland in Anaheim, CA in the early 1950's and later Walt Disney World in Orlando, FL in the 1960's. The papers are divided into seven series: Reports, Proposals, Speeches, World's Fairs, Images, Subject Research Materials and Project Research Materials.

Harris Rosen Scrapbooks Collection, 1939-2012   26 boxes, 40 film reels, 15 linear feet

Harris Rosen Scrapbooks and Home Movie Archives document all aspects of his life and work. First collected and created by Rosen's father, Jack Rosen, including materials such as correspondence, photographs, drawings, greeting cards, memorabilia, and home movie archives of Harris Rosen. Rosen carried on the tradition and still continues to create scrapbooks to document his life and family, along with his work as an influential Orlando hotelier and philanthropist. This is an ongoing project, therefore additional scrapbooks will be added as acquired.


Scott Simpkinson Papers, 1943-1989   14 boxes, 12.8 linear feet

Scott H. Simpkinson collected these materials during his tenure as a NASA staff member from the 1950s until the early 1980s. The collection includes documents, photographs and objects related to the various NASA projects Simpkinson worked on, including Mercury, Gemini, Apollo, Viking and the Space Shuttle program. In addition, the collection contains various materials produced by NASA and outside engineering firms including a large number of reports, such as, numerous mission reports, daily status reports and accident investigation reports, as well as publications, photographs and objects. This collection also contains some of Simpkinson's personal effects.

Spanish Plays Collection, 1935-1941   1 box, 1.25 linear feet

Published copies of 92 plays written in Spanish from the 19th and early 20th century.

Michael A. Spencer Bromeliad Research Collection, 1754-2014   92.25 boxes, 88 linear feet

Collector, Michael A. Spencer amassed this collection of publications, photographs, drawings, correspondence programs and other materials focusing on the discovery, taxonomy and cultivation of bromeliads. Mulford B. Foster, Racine Foster and Lyman B. Smith are among the significant bromeliad collectors whose work is documented here.

Michael A. Spencer Collection on Theodore Mead, 1887-1939   1 box, 0.2 linear feet

Theodore Mead was a horticulturist who owned an orange grove in Eustis, Florida and developed a property in Oviedo, Florida to research and hybridize plants. The collection contains Mead's notebook and family correspondence, together with a brochure and news clipping about the founding of Mead Gardens in Winter Park, Florida.

Michael A. Spencer Collection on Julian Nally, 1908-1977   1 box, 0.2 linear feet

Julian Nally grew bromeliads on the property that had once belonged to Henry Nehrling at Gotha, Florida. This collection mostly contains photographs of Nally's plants and family, but it also holds one letter to Nally from the Department of Agriculture.

Michael A. Spencer Collection on Henry Nehrling, 1894-1997   1 box, 0.5 linear feet

Henry Nehrling was a horticulturist famous for his gardens in Gotha and Naples, Florida. These materials were collected by Michael Spencer because of his interest in botany and his links with Central Florida. Of particular interest are Nehrling's notebooks, correspondence, photographs and plant labels. The collection also contains a few materials, which belonged to Mr. Spencer concerning the attempts to save Nehrling's Palm Cottage Gardens.

Splash Magazine Archives, 1986-2002   3 boxes, 3 linear feet

Splash Magazine, published by the World Waterpark Association from circa 1985-2002. Splash was the magazine for the water park industry. The collection includes a wide array of information on the water park industry.

George L. Stuart Jr. Political Papers, 1977-1990   86 boxes, 86 linear feet

These papers document the political career of George L. Stuart from his election as Orlando City Commissioner in 1978 to his run for Governor in 1990. Most of the materials chronicle his activities as Florida Senator for District 4 from 1978-1989, and they include correspondence, news clippings, photographs reports, video and audiotape and memorabilia.

Lynda Van Scoyoc Women's Political Caucus, 1970-2000   6 boxes, 6.25 linear feet

The Lynda Van Scoyoc Women's Political Caucus Collection contains the materials collected by Lynda Van Scoyoc during her time working with the National Women's Political Caucus, Florida Women's Political Caucus, and the Metropolitan Orlando Women's Political Caucus. This collection reflects the growth of each organization during the late 20th century as well as chronicling the struggle by each group in their efforts to make positive changes to women's rights.

Glenn "Marty" Stein Collection of Cartoon Art, 1955-2013   17 boxes, 1 flat file, 8 linear feet

The cartoon art collection consists of published and unpublished original drawings, sketches, comic strips, 1990 US Waveski Championships items, and one piece of editorial cartoon art by Bruce Shanks (1955).

The collection was acquired from editorial cartoonist Glenn “Marty” Stein, who started drawing editorial cartoons and illustrations for the Orlando Business Journal. Afterwards, Marty worked for The Apopka Chief, and finally 8½ years for La Prensa (Orlando), a Spanish-language newspaper where he created weekly editorial cartoons in Spanish. In addition, he wrote and drew his original comic strip El Oasis for over 3½ years.

Walter Kingsley Taylor Papers, 1997-2013   2 boxes, 2.5 linear feet

Dr. Walter Kingsley Taylor papers include professional correspondence, pre-publication drafts, page proofs, corrected proofs, final copies, and working copies, unbound color prints and final printouts of his published monographs: Florida Wildflowers in their Natural Communities; Florida Wildflowers, a Comprehensive Guide; Andre-Michaux in Florida; A Guide to Florida Grasses; and, Florida Wildflowers: A Comprehensive Guide. In addition, a final copy of Introducing Florida Grasses sent to University Press of Florida.

Dr. Walter Kingsley Taylor, a prolific UCF author, has lived in central Florida for over 43 years. After 35 years of continuous service, Professor Taylor retired from UCF, where he taught a variety of biology courses. Upon retirement in 2004, Dr. Taylor was named Professor Emeritus. The papers are open for research.

UCF Community Veterans History Project, 2011-Present  3 boxes, 3 linear feet

As part of Regional Initiative for Collecting the History, Experiences and Stories of Central Florida (RICHES), University of Central Florida intends to record, and make accessible oral history interviews of Central Florida veterans. Diversity is a main focus for this project since there are many different subgroups under the group veterans, all with important stories. While the histories will be largely archived and made available through the UCF library, a portion will be contributed to the ongoing Veterans history Project based out of the Library of Congress. Collection includes audio and video recordings, biographical data forms, veteran's release forms, interviewer's Release forms, audio-video recording logs, and an interview abstracts prepared by interviewers.

Joseph and Mary Velezdy Papers, 1947-2000   1 box, 0.5 linear feet

Pictures, songs, lyrics, sheet music, poems, and news clippings that chronicle the musical lives of a violinist husband and his composer wife.


Wagar Space Collection, 1945-1986   5 boxes, 33 volumes, 18.6 linear feet

The collections of Howard Wagar represent his main collecting interest, the United States' space program, particularly the Apollo space missions, the lunar module landing, Skylab 1 and 2. The collection also includes materials from major world events that occurred during the same time period. These events include the post-World War II testing of atomic bombs, the rise of Fidel Castro to power in Cuba, and the assassination of President Kennedy. These subjects were collected in the forms of periodicals, newspaper clippings, public relations materials, technical manuals, photographs and prints from the 1940's until the 1980's.

Wekiva River Basin Maps and Aerial Photographs Collection, 1956-1990   5 flat files, 1 linear foot

The collection consists of maps and aerial photos of the Wekiva River Basin collected by the Wekiva Resources Council for use in their educational programs and research projects. The majority of maps and aerial photographs come from the USGS (United States Geological Survey).

Wet 'n Wild Collection, 1975-2002   1 box, 0.25 linear feet

This collection contains materials relevant to the opening of the world's first water park, Wet 'n Wild. There are newspaper articles, advertisements, brochures, photographs, and other materials about Wet 'n Wild from before the park opened through 2002.

Zines Collection, 1996-2004   1 box, 1 linear foot

Zines are non-commercial, small circulation "Do It Yourself" (DIY) magazines.  They provide the public with a space for open discussion on issues of importance in our democracy.  The majority of zines in this collection were created by students in Professor Kristin G. Congdon's Theory and Criticism in the Visual Arts and Aesthetics classes at UCF.

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