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2008 Book Arts Competition: Winners Announced!

The University of Central Florida Libraries Special Collections & University Archives Department is pleased to announce the winners of the 2008 Book Arts Competition. This year features five winners including first, second and third place along with two honorable mentions. Cash prizes will be awarded to all five winners and their books will be added to the permanent collection of Book Arts and Typography within UCF Special Collections and University Archives. The winners are:

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First Place
(9-11), by Diego Rivera

The title of this book can be misleading. Upon seeing the title (9-11), the reader is automatically thinks of the September 11th, 2001 attacks on America. However, this book focuses on the revolution in Chile that occurred on September 11th, 1973.

The book is opened like a puzzle. The reader must unfold the book in a variety of twists and turns to reveal the story. The book also has two sides – one side tells the story of the Chilean revolution while the other side is an image of the Chilean flag.

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Second Place
Poems for Me, by Jessica DeSalvo

Simple in design yet compelling in scope, Poems for Me was created as an expression of love between the artist and poet. The colors of the book correlate with the warmth of the poetry inside. The poetry is meant to comfort the reader as it was written for a significant other. The binding and decorative ribbon also matches the theme, creating an overall work of love.

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Third Place
Pig Prints, by Stephanie Barnes

While the animal of this book’s namesake makes a brief appearance, the word ‘pig’ is what is on display in this unique work entitled Pig Prints. The artist illustrates words that have the term ‘pig’ in them. Examples include, ‘pigtails’, ‘pigskin’ and ‘pigment’. As the artist explains:

“The inspiration for this artist book was the word ‘pig’. Each print is something that contains the word ‘pig’ in it, even though some of them have no relation to a pig. The accordion style book allows the viewer to view the prints individually or all at once as a series.”

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Honorable Mention
Cocaine for the American Ambition: A Coffee Table Pamphlet, by Jon Didier

The artist proclaims that coffee, “is the single legal drug fueling productivity in both America and the world” and that he too considers it his lifeline. Using poetry, images of coffee beans and even a recipe for ‘a good cup of coffee’, Cocaine for the American Ambition: A Coffee Table Pamphlet shows why coffee is cocaine for the American ambition.

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Honorable Mention
Endangered Species, by Carolyn M. Davis

Focusing on past and present ecological devastation in the Florida Everglades, Endangered Species pays homage to the Glades and its many natural residents. The artist takes land developers to task by showing how homes are steadily encroaching on the Glades fragile ecosystem. The book flows like the Kissimmee River, trying to restore order to the river’s natural rhythm. Attached to the edge of the pages are tags that give the names of the many species that have become threatened or endangered due to overdevelopment in the Everglades. The book is housed in a green clamshell that resembles an American Alligator’s head.

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