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Unprocessed University Archives

Below is a list of unprocessed materials held within the University Archives.  As these collections have not been processed, little to no intellectual control has been established for each collection.  Researchers are asked to take these factors into consideration when determining what materials will be pertinent to their research.  These materials will either be processed as an individual collection or added to other University Archives record groups.

Materials are arranged alphabetically by 'Title/Materials' and sorted according to 'Collection Number' where appropriate.  See the 'Notes' section for further information about materials.  Please note that materials may be in process and thus may not be in their listed 'Current Location'.

For access to these materials, please call (407) 823-2576 or email with questions.

Note: University Archives can be donated by individuals or transferred from another university department or organization. The chart below indicates the type of acquisition in the "DG/RT" column. Record groups that were transferred to the University Archives will be designated "RT" while record groups that were donated via Deed of Gift will be designated "DG".

Title/Materials Brief Description Collection Dates Collection Number Accession Date DG/RT Current Location Format Linear Feet Notes
Academic Advising Council Records 1988-2006 CFU2010_8 Aug 2010 RT 150 paper 1.0
Academic Affairs Office records 1993-2000 CFU2007_22 Oct 2007 RT 150 paper 43.0
Administration Miscellaneous trophies and plaques cira 1968 - unknown CFU2011_13 March 2005 RT 150 metal, wood, plastic 8.0 To be added to the Memorabillia Collection
Administration and Finance Aerial photographs, renderings, prints, certificates 1985-2011 CFU2011_26
Sep 2011
Oct 2012
RT 501 Art Racks/Flat File mounted photographs, renderings 2.50
Framed and unframed
Allison, Anne Marie
Library Director
Office records of Anne Marie Allison 1983-1997 CFU1997_01 N/A Legacy   paper 18.0 Inventoried
Black Faculty and Staff Association Records of BFSA 1990-2011 CFU2011_17 May 2011 RT 150 paper, discs, and photographs .50  
Budget Office Office records of campus Budget Office 1968-1976 CFU2005_18
July 2005
Feb 2007
RT 150 paper 4.0  
Burnett Honors College Digital images and files unknown CFU2012_16 May 2012 RT 150 digital 54.5GB
Buzz Clark Files (physical Plant) Office records of the Assistant Director of Maintenance 1990's CFU2006_43 Nov 2006 RT 150 paper 7.0 Has 10 additional boxes to process into the collection
Trevor & Beryl Colbourn Papers related to Dr. Colbourn's presidency 1949-1995 CFU2012_15 April 2012 RT 150 paper .50
Ed Gantner Memorabilia Collected memorabilia by Ed Gantner's mother 1980's CFU2006_36 Oct 2006 DG 150 mixed .25 To be processed as the Ed Gantner collection; jacket, photo, clippings of first football team
Facilities Planning Office records of Facilities Planning
Building plans on microfilm
*Forensic Science Building materials
n.d. - 1987 CFU2006_40
Nov 2006
Oct 2009
March 2007
150 paper;
9 rolls; Microfilm containing building records of the university
also see CFU2008_12
Faculty Senate Minutes (Library Members' Files) n.d. CFU2004_03 July 2004 RT 150 paper 1.5  
Green, Fadona
Estate of
Records and photographs by and about Harold Green, former president of UCF Daytona Beach Campus 1942-1996 CFU2011_4 March 2011 DG 150 paper 4.0
Handberg, Robert Records and publications by UCF professor, College of Sciences, Political Science unknown - 30+ years CFU2011_1 Jan 2011 RT 150 paper 8.0 To be sorted, publications catalogued
International Student Association Event photographs 1980-2000 CFU2011_29
Dec 2011 RT 150 photographs 1.0 To be added to the University Photograph Collection
Office of International Studies photographs, office records unknown CFU2012_19
Oct 2012 RT 150 photographs, paper .50
John Marini Memorabilia Athletics memorabilia collected by John Marini ca. 1995 CFU2007_19 July 2007 DG
150 mixed 1.0 Add to Memorabilia
Library Administration Records, minutes, and handbooks 1968-2010 CFU2011_22 Aug 2011 RT 150 paper 2.0
Library Blueprints/Records Rolled drawings 1966-1993 CFU19XX_03 N/A Legacy 501 paper 6.0  
Library Exhibits Records and materials from "Pride and Passion" baseball exhibit

Jack Kerouac exhibit
Additional items from Frankenstein 2004


June 2010

march 2012
RT 150 paper 2.5
Marketing Miscellaneous materials donated by an individual n.d. CFU2010_05 Nov 2010 DG 150 posters and marketing materials, mostly athletics 1.0
Marketing Digital images unknown CFU2011_25 Sep 2011 RT 501 office hard drive N/A 1.70TB of images to be added to the University Photograph Collection
Medical School - photos on CD, DVD; more to be added regularly Records of the UCF Medical School 2007 CFU2007_17 July 2007 RT 150 media; mixed 1.0 Water bottle added to memorabilia
Millican, Dr. Charles M. Records, scrapbooks, photo albums, memorabilia 1968-2009 CFU2010_6 Dec 2010 DG 150 paper 4.0
Moore, Russell Memorabilia 1988-2006 CFU2010_8 Aug 2010 RT 150 paper 1.0
Add to Memorabilia and Poster Collections
News and Information Slides, photographs, and news articles of and about UCF

n.d CFU2010_04 May 2010 RT 150 paper and misc photographic material 16.5 Partially processed - slides remain unprocessed. To be added to the University Photograph Collection
Nicholson School of Communication Video of sporting and other events on campus 1979-1995 CFU2011_20 July 2011 RT 150 Umatic tapes 4.0 To be catalogued
Office of the President Dr. Millican's papers n.d. CFU2010_1 Dec 2010 RT 150 poster, building plan, framed photos 1.0 Add to Publications, Office of the President, and University Photograph Collection
Office of Student Involvement Mr.& Ms. UCF Pageant 1985-2012 CFU2012_8 March 2012 RT 150 documents, videos, photos 2.0
Office of Technology Transfer Official copies of patents for UCF techonolgy 1986-2010 CFU2011_27
Sep 2011
March 2012
RT 150 bound paper 6.0 To be catalogued
Panhellenic Scrapbook Alumni created scrapbook 1978-1979 CFU2009_11 June 2009 RT   scrapbook 1.0 Add to scrapbook collection--not created by Fraternity life but given to them by an unnamed alumnus
Jack Pantelias correspondence (photocopies) Photocopies of correspondence about Jack Pantelias, pres of FTU Baseball Club 1971-1972 CFU2006_19 N/A DG   paper .01  
Physical Plant/Facilities Materials related to construction on the UCF campus; office records 1979-2002 CFU2005_20
June 2005
March 2007
May 2008
May 2009
RT 150 paper and photographs 30.0 Add to Facilities and Safety
President's Appreciation Dinner Programs Programs from the dinners 1999-2008 CFU2008_10 Apr 2008 RT   paper 0.2  
Physical Plant Scrapbook Created by Denise Stone 1973-1989 CFU2009_07 May 2009 RT 150 Scrapbook .20 Possible grouped with Scrapbook Collection or Facilities & Safety
Research and Commercialization Biology film reels found on site n.d. CFU2010_2 May 2010 RT UCF Film Dept 9 - 8mm film reels 1.0
Official patents to be catalogued
Rosen College of Hospitality Management records, memorabilia, photographs 2004 - unknown CFU2011_12 March 2011 RT 150 paper, photographs .50  
Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) Newsletter/publication 2010-2012 CFU2011_19
Jul 2011
Jan 2012
RT 150 paper .50 To be catalogued
Student Development and Enrollment Services Office records of the SDES 1969-2002 CFU2009_13
Jun 2009
July 2011
RT 150 3 ring binders and 1 box of records;paper, photographs, VHS tapes, CDs, cassettes, calendars 3.0 Add to SDES; records of Student Government
Student Government Records Organizational records of the SGA 1995-2003 CFU2007_05
March 2007
June 2009
Aug 2010
RT 150 audio cassette, VHS, digital video cassette, paper files 10.50
Records of elections and senate meetings; add to Student Government Records--election files need appraisal before processing
SGA - Homecoming Commitee Memorabilia 2005-2011 CFU2012_9
April 2012
RT 150 banners, posters, pins, etc. 4.0
UCF TV Beta sp tapes of productions incl. shows aired on the station 1998-2003 CFU2011_23 and CFU2011_24 Sep 2011 RT 150 video tape 14.0 To be transferred and catalogued
University Registrar Office records of the University Registrar n.d. CFU2003_01 N/A Legacy 150 paper 1.0  
USPS Staff Council Staff Council records 1986-2010 CFU2010_3 June 2010 RT 150 paper .50  
Walker, Lynn
Library Director
Office records of Lynn Walker 1967-1983 CFU1983_01 N/A Legacy 150 paper 23.0 Inventoried
Women's Studies Office records of the program unknown CFU2010_17 Dec 2010 RT 150 paper 2.0  

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